• July 24, 2021

Australian protests turn violent as thousands oppose lockdowns – HotAir

Fifty-seven people have been charged in Sydney and police are searching for 58, a guy who struck a police horse before disappearing into the crowd.

Really. There are a photography and all.

If you think Americans have lockdown fatigue, consider Australians who have been under various restrictions for more than a year. New South Wales, where Sydney is located, was completely blocked four weeks ago due to the appearance of the Delta variant and that blockade has since been extended. twice. Two other states have also closed, forcing Half of the population from the country to stay home unless they have a good excuse to leave. They are fed up:

With such draconian measures being taken to curb the spread, you might assume that Australia is in the midst of a fierce wave. “We live in a democracy and normally I am one who supports the rights of the people to protest… but right now we have cases through the roof and we have people who think it is okay to go out and possibly be close to each other. others in a demonstration, “said the country Health Minister today, criticizing the protests.

Yesterday they had 163 cases, in a nation of 26 million people. That is what the minister means when he says that the cases are “through the roof.” Per capita, which amounts to the equivalent of 2,000 cases in the US, a number so low that we never get close to it, even during our best days earlier this summer, before the Delta.

Most of the cases they have had in just one day. was 721, and that was almost a year ago:

Only 916 Australians have died of COVID since the start of the pandemic. The last time they averaged more than * one * death per day was October 7, 2020:

“I think it’s important to tell people that the restrictions we’ve all been enduring have saved nearly 50,000 lives, compared to similar countries like the UK or the US. Feel free to quote me on that, ”a COVID modeler at the University of Sydney told the Local newspaper, defending the draconian restrictions. Unlike their cousins ​​in the Anglosphere, Australians did not experience excess mortality from COVID in 2020, a phenomenal result that proponents of the lockdown attribute to their determination to remain closed before an unmanageable outbreak breaks out. With the most contagious variant to date now besetting the rest of the world, Australia has returned to a strategy that has worked for them.

Which might make sense if they were closing to buy a little more time to try and vaccinate their way to herd immunity before finally reopening. But here’s the curveball: Australia is doing terribly in vaccination.

I’m not very clear why they are so far behind the US and UK, but they obviously bet a lot on the AstraZeneca principle and then He got into trouble. They may have overestimated the amount they had stored; then they had trouble getting the EU to fulfill a request; Its domestic AZ manufacturing capacity has also not been up to scratch. A different locally developed vaccine turned out to be a failure during trials. To top it off, the news that the AZ vaccine causes blood clots in very rare cases scared Australian regulators who have doubts about the vaccine. The government was quick to increase its supply of Pfizer to try to fill the gap, but Pfizer is a bit busy right now, as you may have heard. Although 40 million doses have been ordered for Australia, only a quarter has been shipped so far.

And so, with Delta closing in on them, Australia is stagnant. They don’t have much immunity to vaccines in the population, but they also don’t have much natural immunity due to their past success in controlling the spread of the virus. Essentially, they are in the same stance that India had before Delta unleashed an apocalyptic wave of infection and death there. The UK experience with Delta could end quickly and relatively painlessly because they are already close to herd immunity. Australia is a long way from it, leaving it at the mercy of the variant until many millions more are vaccinated.

If the choice is between blocking to prevent broadcast or reopening and unleashing an Indian-style catastrophe, what choice do they have? They messed up their vaccination effort and now they have no alternatives.

I leave you with two clips of today’s chaos. If the mood is this short now, imagine what it will be like in a month or two. Get out of a listing sign seen in the protests: “It is not a virus, it is a total control of the people by the government.”

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