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Genshin Impact Simple Tomb Locations and Fate of a Fighter Guide

Arriving at Nazuchi beach in Genshin Impact, you will meet a lone samurai who is approached by his rivals. If you help him, he will take you on a short mission and eventually you will be able to pay your respects to his fallen comrades. Here is our Genshin Impact Simple grave locations and Fate of a Fighter guide to help you with the tasks of Inaba Kyuuzou, Naku Weed, Dendrobium and the hidden achievement “They Shall Not Grow Old”.

Note: For more information on the game, see our Genshin Impact guides and features hub, as well as our version 2.0 overview.

Genshin Impact Fate of a Fighter quest and Simple Tomb locations guide

As long as you are free roaming around Inazuma and not in the middle of Act II of the Archon mission, you will see a brief cutscene once you reach the large shipwreck north of Nazuchi Beach. The samurai Inaba Kyuuzou is surrounded by enemies and you will have to help him. He’s not very happy about it, but he tells you to go to an island to the south to take out more enemies.

Upon his return, he will ask 12x Naku Weed to heal his wounds. Unfortunately, Naku Weed material tends to be difficult to find, although it is found in various nooks and crannies on Narukami Island. You can also purchase five of these from the General Goods Vendor in Inazuma City.

After giving Kyuuzou the plants, wait a full day until they are 1000 to 1200. He will be much kinder to you and tell you about his fallen brothers.

You will be able to visit six Simple Tomb locations in Genshin ImpactYashiori Island. You can also place a single Dendrobium in these Simple Graves. This plant is predominantly found in the Kannazuka Hills and Nazuchi Beach sands, as well as in the surroundings of Pyro Hypostasis and Maguu Kenki.

Note: The quest A Fighter’s Fate is considered complete after Kyuuzou is healed. Meanwhile, searching for the Simple Tombs is just one means of obtaining Genshin ImpactThe hidden achievement of “They will not grow old.”

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Genshin Impact – All six Simple Tomb locations on the map

You can take a look at the image below to see the locations of Genshin ImpactSimple Tombs on Yashiori Island:

Genshin Impact Simple Grave Locations Fate of a Fighter Dendrobium Guide Map

Simple Tomb 1 Location: Nazuchi Beach

On a small island south of the fast travel point.

Gen Pct Fof Simtm Yashi Gd 3

Simple Tomb 2 Location: Fort Fujitou

Just southeast of the fast travel point.

Gen Pct Fof Simtm Yashi Gd 4

Simple Tomb 3 Location: Higi Village

Follow the path until you reach the southern end of the town and jump towards the coast. The Simple Tomb is on a ledge hidden behind some bushes.

Gen Pct Fof Simtm Yashi Gd 5

Simple Tomb 4 Location: North of the Jakotsu Mine

Jump southwest of the fast travel point and look at the cliff. It is hidden behind some bushes.

Genshin Impact Simple Grave Locations Fate of a Fighter Dendrobium 1 Guide

Simple Tomb 5 Location: South of the Jakotsu Mine

You will have to reach a high rock formation south of Yashiori Island. You will probably want to plan from a higher vantage point.

Genshin Impact Simple Grave Locations Fate of a Fighter Dendrobium 2 Guide

Simple Grave Location 6: Snake Head

This one requires extra effort. First, take a look at the mouth of the dragon skeleton. You will notice several Crystal Marrow nodes and two Electro Seelies. Get up close to these Electro Seelies and follow them. Eventually, they will fly to the top of the skull within the eye sockets. This will unlock a metal grill that leads lower.

Note: Near this location there is a samurai named Washizu. He’s guarding a shrine that you can worship every day to spawn a chest and get some primogems and electro sigils. However, it is not really part of our tasks.

Genshin Impact Simple Grave Locations A Fighter's Fate Dendrobium Guide 3a

Anyway, in the underground chamber (that is, the dragon’s throat), you will find a switch, an unsealed letter, and a single Ruined Sentinel.

Continue below to see another grid with various switches. Interact with these switches in the order shown in the image below:

Genshin Impact Simple Grave Locations Fate of a Fighter Dendrobium 3b Guide

The lowest cavern has a Nobushi samurai who is praying in front of the Simple Tomb. Take it out and place the Dendrobium to receive the hidden achievement “They will not age.”

Oh, and there’s another Electro Seelie here. Open the door and follow the Electro Seelie to discover a chest.

Genshin Impact Simple Grave Locations A Fighter's Fate Dendrobium 3c Guide

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