• November 27, 2021

Adam Schiff just can’t bear to think about what might happen ‘if we consider the elections to be illegitimate simply because they didn’t turn out the way we wanted’ [video]

As we told you, Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger suddenly got very emotional at today’s hearing on the Jan. 6 riots on Capitol Hill.

Not to be outdone, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff lit up his own waterworks:

Schiff says “it must be something from Adam today.” Must be. Or maybe it’s just cheeky stage art.

And speaking of the Russian collusion, let’s think about what Schiff says for a moment:

Oh no, it didn’t.

“If we consider that the elections are illegitimate simply because they did not go as we wanted,” congressman? Yes?

There is no need to frame that as hypothetical, because the Democrats and the left really did. They were so committed to the bit, in fact, that they followed the “Russian collusion” narrative for years. Some of them still use it to this day.

If Adam Schiff really wants something to be angry about, it should be the absolute gluttony of the Democratic Party for punishment.

And enough with the crocodile tears.


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