• July 27, 2021

CNN’s Chris Cillizza irritates Sarah Sanders for referring to ‘Trump vaccine’

If you really want to get into the shoes of CNN’s Chris Cillizza, just refer to Covid-19 vaccines as the “Trump vaccine.” You really don’t like that term. In fact, he told us how much that term bothered him on Monday “What Sarah Sanders is Wrong About the Covid-19 Vaccine”.

What disturbed him was an op-ed that Sanders wrote that was published in the Arkansas Democratic Gazette on Sunday. What specifically was bothering you? Cillizza reveals what she found so disturbing.

Here is the paragraph I have the main problem with:

“Recent data shows that Arkansans who are not vaccinated are at significantly increased risk of serious illness from Covid. In fact, 98 percent of Covid patients currently hospitalized in our state and 99 percent of recent Covid deaths were people who were not vaccinated. It is clear that the Trump vaccine works and is saving lives. “

And this in particular (the bold is mine): “It is clear that the Trump vaccine it works and is saving lives. “

It is not the “Trump vaccine.” Or the “Biden vaccine.” Or the “Cillizza vaccine.” It’s just the vaccine, one that, if people get it, will save thousands of lives.

When Sanders refers to the Covid-19 vaccine as being linked in some way to Trump, he is throwing some red meat at Trump voters (and Trump himself) who believe the former president is not getting enough credit for its development, in record time. , not less!

God forbid Trump gets the credit for vaccines that are available at, well, warp speed. Acknowledging that incredible achievement is apparently taboo on CNN. Trump did not manufacture the vaccine himself, but the media whispered quietly before the election that the Trump administration’s initiative “It appears to have been working with remarkable efficiency.”

Here’s something else Sanders wrote that really upset Cillizza, even if it doesn’t match the CNN headline:

“If President Biden, Vice President Harris, and others on the left really care about increasing the vaccination rate and saving lives, they should admit They were wrong to question Operation Warp Speed ​​and give President Trump and his team the credit they deserve for developing a safe and effective vaccine in record time.. “

So what was not factual about Sanders’ claim about vaccine hesitation by Biden and Harris, Chris? PolitiFact can label such a statement as false But that doesn’t change the fact that his mistrust last year is on record.

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