• July 27, 2021

Conservative and miss the old ‘Drudge Report’? Here is some amazing news for you: RedState

Anyone who has struggled in the conservative new media blogosphere probably spent hours every day sifting through hundreds of independent sources online, for even a semblance of honest news coverage. And sometimes it seemed like the only way to avoid all that laborious trawling was with the advent of a right-focused, trusted aggregation site called Drudge Report.

But sadly, in recent years, we have witnessed the demise of the once incomparable news aggregator founded by Matt Drudge. And as many readers know, it was that site, along with left-wing progressive mainstay Huffington Post, that the late happy warrior Andrew Breitbart was instrumental in helping him grow on his own thriving platforms before creating his right-wing group blog. . nicknamed “the greats” (who eventually became the giant Breitbart News).

However, these days, if you decide to go through the Drudge Report (not going to link to it), chances are you’ll see headlines like this (screenshot of Drudge’s homepage at the time of writing: Tuesday 5:30 pm EDT):

Of course, this is the same incarnation of the site that also seemed to really enjoy pushing anti-Donald Trump coverage in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. But it was a different story in 2016. Why? The coat reported in 2016 that the new strategy was a boon for Drudge Report, “record[ing] 1.47 billion page views in July, the highest traffic in the conservative aggregation [sic] 21 years of history of the site. “Although, as The NH Independent Blog wrote Recently, the site has suffered a massive traffic drop (more than 45 percent) following the departure of Orange Man Bad from the White House. It is very similar to the demise of the leftist media platform CNN, as RedState has reported.

Now, there is some amazing news for any conservative missing out on what used to be the Drudge Report, with the announcement of an “alternative” aggregator site by a former conservative editor, via our sister site. PJ Media:

Even a former editor of the Drudge Report, Joseph Curl, has stepped up to resurrect the Drudge spirit. On Tuesday, Curl announced the launch of Off The Press, a conservatively oriented aggregator that he says will have a “fearless attitude” to cover “everything for those who devour news all day,” Just the News reported.

Curl intends Off The Press to be a 24/7 premier news aggregator that consumers can trust. He said the Drudge Report has become another echo chamber for mainstream media.

“Now more than ever, keeping up with the biggest stories is a battle,” Curl told Just the News. “With social media flooding everyone with endless posts to their news feeds, the internet needs an editor to select the best stories and present them in one place. That will be Off The Press’s only mission. “

Another welcome presence at the helm shared with Curl, according to Just the news: Paul Bedard, owner of the Washington Examiner’s unrestricted “Washington Secrets” column. It bodes well for anyone looking not to compromise or worry about hurting the egos of wrong politicians or the sentiments of activist groups, unlike what is being spit out today at Drudge.

New site press release gives More details on the projected daily workflow of the aggregator:

Interactivity will be another key feature of the new aggregator. Off the press you will have a suggestion box for readers to contribute ideas for the stories they think deserve coverage. Curl promises that “every editor will read that advice every day” to make sure they are analyzing the most up-to-date elements from all angles.

Say whatever happens to this company for Curl and Bedard, the fact that people provide a mechanism for “more voices, not less” should be good news for everyone, wherever they are on the political spectrum.

Editor’s Note: Content edited after posting to correct a mistake (Drudge was thorough, anti-Trump during the 2020 election, not 2016).


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