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  • July 27, 2021

DreamsCom21 starts today – PlayStation.Blog

You can’t organize a totally dream convention one year and not do it the next, right? With DreamsCom ’21 opening its virtual doors today, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect over the next four days from the Dreams community and us here at Media Molecule.

The DreamsCom Show Floor

Of course, everything you see at DreamsCom has been made with Dreams tools, from the opening of the Media Molecule room to the incredible community-created booths that populate more than 40 rooms throughout the show. This year, we really did when it comes to presenting the show, and our incredible team at Molecules have truly exceeded each and every expectation (as they always do, the talented group that they are). If you thought last year’s show was awesome, wait until it comes off the DreamsCom monorail. Yes really.

DreamsCom '21

Live broadcasts

Last year we kicked off the festivities with an hour-long display of some of the community’s upcoming creations, as well as announcing our VR update for Dreams. This year it will look a little different, but it will still be filled with exciting announcements from our community, as well as previews of some of the upcoming Mm games.

Starting DreamsCom ’21 on July 27, we will be live on Twitch at 9 am PST / 5 pm BST / 6 pm CEST with some of that aforementioned Mm sneak peek, as well as a preview of what’s to come at DreamsCom, before the moment the DreamsCom show floor doors open in-game! From then on, tune in from 9am to 5pm. M. PST – 11 a. M. PST / 5 p. M. BST – 7 p. M. BST / 6 p. M. CEST – 8 p. M. CEST every day for community interviews, trailers, demos, and everything in between.

And hey, if you’re a Dreams streamer looking at the show floor on your channel, let us know! We’d love to watch your broadcast and see your reaction!

DreamsCom '21

Impsider coverage

This year, we reveal the first and official publication of The Impsider – Dreams. In addition to hosting all of our broadcasts, it will cover # DreamsCom21 in full force: daily news summaries, a DreamsCom virtual magazine with tons of fun articles and activities, and even a handful of recipes to keep you fueled as you explore the show. . It will be the one stop destination for all who attend DreamsCom, as well as those who miss a day or two!

Download The Impsider’s DreamsCom Companion Magazine here.

We have a great week ahead of us, right? As always, you can get involved on social media with the hashtags # DreamsCom21 and #MadeInDreams! If you are visiting the show, be sure to let us know on Twitter and share your favorite booths and demos with us.

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