• July 29, 2021

Delta Hysteria | Powerline

The current remasking of the United States is fueled by hysteria over the Indian variant of covid (renamed the Delta variant when it occurred to liberals that if the “China virus” is racist, the “Indian variant” must also be racist) . It is entirely predictable that viruses will mutate, generally to a less lethal form, since it is bad for the virus to kill you. That is what is happening with the Indian form of covid.

A few simple tables, courtesy of the CDC, tell the story. The “cases”, many of which are false positives, are increasing sharply:

But the deaths are not:

The “covid death” count is inflated as doctors write “covid” on death certificates in many cases where the virus has little or nothing to do with the cause of death. I think the best index is the total number of deaths in the US, week to week. I don’t have much faith in the CDC, but I suppose they can count corpses.

This shows that there was indeed a significant excess mortality in the US during 2020 and early 2021, but total deaths have now returned to a normal level and so far at least there is no indication that the Indian variant has a noticeable impact. :

There is no reason to go back to masking, shutdowns, remote “learning” or anything else. What we see now is above all the proto-fascist left clinging to power.

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