• July 29, 2021

The Senate voted 67-32 to advance the bipartisan Biden infrastructure bill closer to an eventual final vote. Efforts by former reality TV host and former term president Donald Trump to sabotage him failed. MSNBC reported that after Trump pressured Republican senators to vote against the bill, the final number of Republican senators who voted to support it doubled. Wake up Trump supporters! It doesn’t care if you have COVID. You don’t care if your bridges and roads collapse. He doesn’t care if you have health care, babysitting or if you find a better paying job. That is not a political animus, they are documented facts based on Trump’s ideology and his quest for power at the expense of democracy and the well-being of Americans.

This bill is the most significant investment in America’s infrastructure since President Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highways Act in 1956. Despite continued calls for “infrastructure week,” Trump failed to make it happen. approve an agreement. public works projects that include bridges, highways, broadband, airports, electricity grid, hydraulic works and infrastructure to protect against cyber attacks and combat climate change. President Biden’s commitment to bipartisanship stands in contrast to Trump’s disdainful and hateful exclusion of all Democrats from legislative collaborations. Biden supports the ideology of the founding father’s two-party system. Trump’s war on bipartisanship was just one of many indications that he was seeking an autocratic form of government to replace our democracy.

The United States is in dire need of finance to restore its aging infrastructure. The potential for Americans to lose their lives on our dilapidated roads and bridges is high. There is a growing need to create new, higher-paying jobs for Americans, and an infrastructure package meets that need. Improving access to broadband in rural cities across the country will increase education and employment opportunities for people living in those areas. Although half the United States refuses to believe that he won the election, Biden’s policies reflect the promise he made when he took office; “I will be the president of all Americans, not just those who voted for me.”

Most of Trump’s presidency was a failure of politics and morality. In addition to lying about the danger of COVID-19 in 2020, which contributed to the deaths of thousands of Americans, Trump also did not reform health care as promised and never came close to securing the nuclear reduction agreement with North Korea. Except for passing tax cuts for the wealthy and reducing regulations to help corporations, Trump’s only other accomplishments were enacting policies against immigrants, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. Today, Biden demonstrated his skill in the “art of the bargain” with successful Senate voting and exposed Trump’s skills in the “” art of the NO deal. “In addition to Senator Mitch McConnell, an additional 16 senators ignored threats from Trump to campaign against him in his primaries and voted to advance the bill.

If ALL Republicans joined in, told Trump to get lost, and told his constituents they were done with him, Trump’s power would end. Trump voters are not going to vote for a Democrat, so Republicans could end America’s debasement and ruin its reputation by uniting and making Trump irrelevant. Trump has bullied the Republican Party into submission, but as with all bullies, if you hit them back, they collapse. Trump’s form of “toxic masculinity” has attracted masses of white supremacists and fanatical evangelicals who have betrayed the Bible. Their policies and ideology are shaped by accommodating the ideologies of these extremist groups.

There has never been a former president of the United States who has publicly dedicated himself to demonizing his successor and, with his party, works to sabotage all the legislation of the new administration. Republicans in office and the voting public supporting Trump’s mission to destroy all of President Biden’s efforts to end the COVID pandemic, rebuild America’s aging infrastructure, expand health care, abolish racial injustice, and protect voting rights are enemies of democracy.

The consequences for those who have chosen to worship this most painful former anti-American president over loyalty to our democratic norms are inevitable. The number of Trump loyalists facing indictments, imprisonment, public betrayal or financial ruin is increasing with each passing day. Today’s bipartisan vote in the Senate is a sign that there is a slight Republican movement to break away from Trump’s attacks on democracy and decency.

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