• July 30, 2021

Skydiving accident near Torquay leaves another dead in critical condition

“The tandem jump went well. They made their free fall and the main parachute did not open properly. They have chosen to use their second parachute. They ran into difficulties and landed very hard. “

“The instructor took the brunt of the fall, the landing, and put himself in danger to try to minimize the passenger’s injuries.”

An injured man is loaded into an air ambulance Friday afternoon.Credit:Nine news

Australian Skydive declined to comment on the identity of the deceased until the family was notified.

Victoria police said the instructor asked emergency service workers if he could stand up while paramedics treated him.

“He wanted to get up, but we kept him on the ground,” said Torquay Sgt. Peter Christo.

“The ambulance was working on [instructor] for about 20 minutes, but unfortunately it turned downward and died. “

A man in his 50s is taken to Alfred Hospital with a broken leg and in critical condition

A man in his 50s is taken to Alfred Hospital with a broken leg and in critical conditionCredit:Nine news

Police also said the instructor desperately tried to open the parachute as the pair plummeted.

“The parachute did not open … the instructor made emergency attempts, but unfortunately he was unable to open the parachute,” said Sgt. Christo.


“The instructor cushioned the blow for the client.”

A man in his 50s is now fighting for his life after being airlifted to The Alfred Hospital in critical condition and with a broken leg.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Australian Parachute Federation will work together to investigate the incident.

The police will prepare a report for the coroner.

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