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  • August 2, 2021

Do you want to recover your country? #FlyYourBandera

One day last week I made a surprising discovery while walking through my neighborhood in Kalispell, Mont. For whatever reason, an extraordinary number of houses were flying the American flag from their porches.

This was several weeks after July 4 and more than two months after Flag Day, but let’s face it: even in the heart of Montana, flying the flag is a growing rarity, holiday or not. However, as I walked a two or three block radius from my house, I kept noticing the stars and stripes greeting me.

Coincidentally, I was putting the finishing touches on my new book, “What matters most: God, country, family and friends” and it seemed that maybe God was trying to tell me something about the character of our country. What was it about that flag that so many residents of a small town in Mountain West adored, and what was it about the American spirit that made Old Glory the right symbol for our time?

It made me think. I remembered how on July 6, when I went outside to remove the flag from my own porch after the holiday weekend, I noticed that a flag was still flying from a house a block away. That inspired me to hold my own flag high as well. After all, our country seems to need inspiration more than ever. With so many athletes, celebrities and politicians destroying our national traditions, speaking ill of our national heroes, and questioning our values, it seemed like it was the least I could do.

He was not alone. In dozens of homes in my neighborhood, the decision had been made to make a statement with red, white and blue. Was it a movement? Was there a meme or hashtag that encouraged my neighbors to #FlyYourFlag or to be #FlagProud?

None that I could find. I did a Google search and found that there was no evidence of an organized patriotic movement to promote flag-waving. Instead, it seemed completely spontaneous. I decided to knock on doors to see what had motivated some of my neighbors to keep their flags flying instead of packing them up in shame, like many of their fellow Americans who had been told that America was a racist and evil country without redemption. value.

A young owner who asked to be identified as Mrs. Wood spoke for me and probably millions more:

“With all the craziness, we think it’s important to remember the basics,” he said. “People are trying to change a lot in our country at once, and people need to remember what really matters.”

Boom! I promise I didn’t pay him to practically quote the title of my new book, but it was a guarantee that my premise was correct. God, country, family and friends: those are the foundations that anchor our lives, and when the winds of change turn, it is those foundations that we cling to, not with bitterness, as President Obama suggested in a famous quote, but with pride and confidence.

Ms. Wood spoke of the veterans in her family who had served under the flag, noting, “Today they don’t get the respect they deserve.” It made me think of Francis Scott Key’s War of 1812 anthem to the durability of both our republic and our flag. No matter how dangerous the fight, no matter how violent the assault, “Oh tell me, can you see … our flag was still there?”

At the end of the street, I spoke to another neighbor who was flying not only the American flag, but also the Trump 2020 flag. When asked why he was waving the banners at the same time, he said they represented the same thing to him: “Freedom, America, our rights, what the country was like for years, and what President Trump wanted it to follow.

“For us, it represents a rebellion in some way,” against the transformation of the country that my neighbor sees in the Biden administration, he added. “We still believe in our freedoms. Montana is a conservative state. You still have more rights here, hunting, fishing, weapons, but that could change. “

As for the Trump flag? “That’s us giving our middle finger to the Democratic Socialists.”

In a sense, I suspect that’s what motivates so many of us to fly our U.S. flags too. It’s not that everyday Democrats don’t love the country, but they are enslaved by an ideology that is willing to sacrifice everything uniquely American and replace it with a false orthodoxy that hates ourselves and that would rob us of our wits, our character and our spirit. exceptionalism. Most of us don’t want to fight, certainly not with weapons, but we know that if we don’t defend ourselves, we will be sucked in, erased and canceled.

In a word, the flag represents freedom. He is against the racist indoctrination of critical race theory. It is against the mandates of masks without science. He is against restrictions on religion. He is against open borders. He is against rewriting history. He is against murder in our cities and criminals are unleashed. He is against rigged elections. He is against censorship. In short, it goes against what our Founding Fathers called tyranny.

So if there isn’t a move for #FlyYourFlag, maybe it’s time to start one. Maybe it starts in a small neighborhood of hardworking Americans in northwestern Montana. I would like to think so.

Conservative icon Steve Bannon, the host of “War Room,” likes to say that “courage is contagious.” Hopefully, maybe patriotism is too.


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