• August 2, 2021

Hickenlooper clueless as Western Slope struggles with landslide, interstate closure

US Senator John Hickenlooper can’t even wish Colorado a happy 145th birthday without doing something stupid to blow up in their face.

Timing is everything and Hick’s sucks.

The video was actually made on July 23 when Hick and Governor Polis had to pay a rare visit to Western Slope because Home Secretary Deb Haaland was visiting.

Hickenlooper used the video to give the impression that he was out and about celebrating Colorado Day.

What gave him away?

Interstate 70 has been closed since Thursday after more than 100 motorists were stranded when a landslide struck the Grizzly Creek burn scar.

Honestly Hickenlooper, you really have no idea what’s going on in Colorado?

Better yet, why isn’t Hickenlooper or US Senator Michael Bennet trying to get money from the so-called $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill set aside to fix I-70 problems in Glenwood Canyon?

With only $ 110 billion of that money actually earmarked for roads, bridges, and major infrastructure projects, we are unlikely to see a dime of that money to help fix the problem because Colorado’s Democratic senators obviously have no clout. within your own party or whites. Home.

There’s also not much love for Hick or Polis in Colorado, as other responses to their tweet show.

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