• November 27, 2021

NSW COVID Cases Rise, QLD COVID Cases Rise, Victoria COVID Cases Rise, Sydney Lockdown Continues, Brisbane Lockdown Continues, Shane Warne Tests Positive

Sydney residents trying to follow calls from health authorities to get vaccinated say they spend hours in the online booking system, which one vaccine communication expert described as “death by websites.”

People looking to reserve a COVID-19 vaccine online must use the federal vaccine eligibility checker to show they qualify before being shown a list of individual providers, ranging from the massive NSW Health centers to the doctors of local headend, to contact separately.

Software engineer Fraser Hemphill designed a vaccination appointment aggregator after his friend, who worked as a nurse, was unable to make an appointment.Credit:Kate geraghty

28-year-old software developer Fraser Hemphill created his own website that added Pfizer appointments after a friend who worked as a nurse spent hours trying to book.

Covidqueue.com, which Hemphill made in a weekend for $ 20, collects real-time availability for appointments at the St Vincent, Royal Prince Alfred and Westmead hospital centers, as well as the center of the Olympic Park.

The aggregator received 40,000 visits the weekend after he posted it on Reddit, including 26,000 people who clicked to try to book an appointment.

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