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  • August 2, 2021

Pro-Biden groups to spend $ 100 million in August

“A number of progressive, pro-White House groups plan to spend nearly $ 100 million to advance President Joe Biden’s agenda over the next month to pressure Congress while lawmakers are on their August recess,” the Associated Press reports.

“The momentum that was announced Monday, along with a wave of trips from the president’s top representatives, is intended to promote and secure passage of Biden’s two-way infrastructure plan – a bipartisan package focused on highways, transit and gang. wide, and a plan for Democrats only budget reconciliation bill for child care and what the White House calls human infrastructure. “

The goal, officials said, was to bombard the local districts of members of Congress with advertisements, both televised and digital, to keep up the pressure to follow through with their votes and underscore much of the agenda’s popularity among the public. “

This is a big gamble by the Democrats to sell their agenda.

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