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  • August 2, 2021

Republicans encourage treason and incite another insurrection

Hear Republicans pretend there was no conspiracy and seditious insurrection on January 6th Guides none American sane to believe Trump acolytes in Congress they are so angry about Trump has failed coup What the failed dictator himself.

NorthOh most republicans have begun to make heroes of the traitors who tried Overthrowing constitutional order during the treacherous attack on the Capitol. TOand his motivation seems to have more to do with excitement another insurrection that simply cover about his own complicity or protect Trump.

In a recent CBS News Poll, “Narrow majority of Trump votersare describing the January 6th insurrection and attempted coup as examples of patriotism ”and “Defending freedom”. Note that these Trump voters witnessed the same traitor attack on the Capitol as Republicans in Congress who feared for their lives during the lifting.

In other poll conducted by GW Politics, nearly half of Republican voters firmly believe that there will come a time in the not-too-distant future when “Patriotic Americans (Trump supporters) will have to take the law into their own hands. ”

These are the same voters who believe the Trump-led attack on Capitol Hill it was workk of “patriots who defend freedom, and no insurgents working on behalf of a candidate who lost a free and fair election.

Add to those abominable statistics, Republicans have joined Trump in portraying the traitor to the Constitution, Ashli ​​Babbit., as a kind of “patriotic martyr“Whoas shot to death during the attack on the Capitol; even strongly hinting that was a murder. As if to aid in the Republican recount of the insurrection, Russian President Vladimir Putin intervened and labelled Babbitt’s death as a “political assassination”.

This whole new republican narrative is quite different from directly following the coup attempt. In fact, Minority leader Kevin McCarthy shared an angry telephone conversation He got with Trump with other republicans during the attack where he implored the tyrant to call off the attack. Of course, after meeting with Trump to firmly reattach his entry hole to Trump’s exit hole, McCarthy changed his tune and He did everything in his power to scuttle any investigation into the insurrection.

Even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has given his tepid endorsement of the Republican Party’s “whitewashing” of the insurrection by remaining silent after delivering a forceful speech in the Senate and labeling the attack a “failed insurrection.“A failed insurrection, by the way, that McConnell blamed Trump’s lies.

His silence now and his reluctance to cross Trump and his seditious allies in Congress amounts to giving his unconditional approval to encourage more treason and incite another insurrection.

To further incite Trump’s acolytes to “Taking the law into your own hands,” Republicans have joined Trump in reshaping the MAGA betrayalattack on the Capitol as the job from House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Speaker Pelosi is no more responsible for Capitol security than Mitch McConnell. However, eEven a simpleton should wonder why Millisecond. Pelosi would be responsible for a treacherous attack in which she was as much a target for lynching as she was then …Vice President Mike Pence, BBut Trump’s acolytes are a different breed of simpletons; They are upset and gullible and if Trump told them to eat their guns, they would do so without hesitation.

Funny that Republicans willingly blame Pelosi which is only half of the Capitol leadership when they don’t include then-US Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, perhaps that explains, in part, their unwillingness to call on Republicans for support forIn g the attack on capitol. That support, incidentally, includes labeling Trump’s insurrectionalist.s accused in the attack as poor besieged “political prisoners” and no Trump devotees guilty of performing a clear act of treason.

It’s true that except for crazy MAGA activists like Matt gaetz, Republicans are not openly backing up an armed insurrection against the United States government, but its uninterrupted propaganda is having the same effect.

There’s a reason most Republicans believe the Jan 6 attack in the capitol It was the work of “patriots who support freedom” and who “Patriotic Americans (Trump supporters) will have to take justice into their own hands. “Not just because Trump continues to lie endlessly about losing an election. It’s because for the past few months most Republicans in Congress have pretended nothing ever happened or They’re blaming anyone but Trump and his seditious conspirators.

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