• August 3, 2021

Colorado Democrat Concerned About Rise In Homelessness Didn’t Realize This

US Rep. Diana DeGette is concerned about an increase in the homeless population and COVID-19 if the Centers for Disease Control does not reissue its edict prohibiting Americans from collecting rent from tenants.

Turns out the only reason the Biden administration didn’t extend the moratorium is because the Supreme Court says the CDC doesn’t really have the authority to give away billions of dollars in private property each month.

Democrats say they are upset that the moratorium is ending just as they are touting a coronavirus resurgence, which they say is the main concern.

Just look at all these homeless people gathered under this bridge, it sure is a super spreading event.

That shot is taken from a video of nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants being held by border patrol agents under a bridge near the southern border in Texas this week.

Republicans call that an absolute catastrophe.

Democrats call it Monday.

And DeGette doesn’t care about the homeless.

More than a million immigrants have crossed the border since Biden took office without worrying about how many carried the Delta variant with them or where they would live.


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