• August 4, 2021

Black Lives Matter: Democratic operative should resign for wishing Lindsey Graham dead

Sen. Lindsey Graham attends an event celebrating the anniversary of the White House Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative at the State Department in Washington, DC on February 12, 2020. (Leah Millis / Reuters)

A Rhode Island-based Black Lives Matter PAC called for the top operative of the state Democratic party to resign after he wished for the death of Senator Lindsey Graham when he fell ill with COVID.

Rhode Island Democratic Party Leader and Strategist Kate Coyne McCoy tweeted the deleted hostile comment about Graham after learning he contracted COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. The Republican senator has advocated that Americans receive the vaccine to accelerate the end of the pandemic.

“It’s wrong to expect him to die of Covid, right? Asking for a friend. #CovidIsNotOver #LindseyGraham, ”Coyne-McCoy tweeted.

The Black Lives Matter Rhode Island arm criticized McCoy’s comments as “extremely unpleasant and insensitive” and quickly demanded that he resign.

“Regardless of political affiliation, disregard for human life is unacceptable and should not be tolerated anywhere within any political party,” the organization commented. “How can we trust someone with such blatant disregard for human life with the will of RI voters?”

“BLM RI PAC strongly urges RI Governor Dan McKee and House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi to call for his immediate resignation, as those views, regardless of political affiliation, should never be accepted,” he added. the group.

McCoy was widely condemned for her statement, prompting her to delete it and issue an apology on Twitter the next day. “I made a mistake,” he said. “I used bad judgment, which I obviously regret.”

And it is not the first time he has wished his political opponents death. In March 2020, she commented, “I’m not proud of my knee-jerk reaction, which is ‘I hope everyone dies’” in response to a photo of Republican lawmakers.

Given that Graham is quarantined for ten days with a mild COVID diagnosis, putting him out of commission for Congressional proceedings, it is possible that his absence could result in a delayed vote on the nearly trillion-dollar infrastructure package. dollars pending in the Senate. Graham was one of 67 senators who voted to begin debate on the bill, which must pass at least one benchmark more than 60 votes before passage.

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