• August 4, 2021

Is Governor Ron DeSantis a sociopath or just another Trump assassin focused on political power despite the disastrous consequences for Floridians? It sounds crazy making stupid statements like “I don’t want to see my son wearing a mask.” I want to see his smile. “With a new virile virus emerging in his state, he is more discouraged because he cannot see his son’s smile through a mask, rather than worrying that his unscientific policies may endanger the health of his son or threaten his life. This guy wants to be president and all Americans should be afraid. He is Trump 2.0 and America cannot outlive him or anyone who thinks like him.

“Ron DeSantis policies do not protect Floridians”

Governor DeSantis agrees 100% with Trump or whatever policy or ideology Trump tells him to support. He is in his first term as governor winning the election by just half a percentage point topping Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. Trump made him a star, training him as a puppet to attract his base. A Politco article in June 2021 speculated that “the bigger question remains whether DeSantis will outshine the former president and whether that, in turn, will provoke Trump. In April, the former president took credit for DeSantis’ political ascension and appeared to crush the governor’s dreams for 2024 when told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that he is considering DeSantis as his running mate in 2024.

There are two possible ways to collapse the popularity of DeSantis; 1) His anti-mask policy, no mandate on any COVID precautionary measure causing a massive death rate in Florida and 2) His rising popularity as a potential 2024 presidential candidate that makes Trump angry and insecure and unleashes a anti-DiSantis campaign titled, “DiSantis is a loser.” I believe that any normal human being would prefer option # 2 to seeing innocent people die because of Governor Disantis’ politically motivated unscientific approach to combat the spread of COVID in his state.

The governor is now pushing for vaccines as his state now has more cases and hospitalizations than any other state. However, he has mocked Dr. Anthony Fauci, the world expert on viruses and pandemics. It has gone as low as selling merchandise, denigrating Fauci. As Florida hits record levels of COVID hospitalizations, DeSantis touts its leadership and downplays the threat from the Delta variant. Someone should remind you that by downplaying the COVID-19 threat last year, Trump lost reelection. Lying Americans to their deaths has proven to be a losing political strategy.

Democrats, independents and Republicans who reject Trump, Trumpism and right-wing extremism are looking forward to the inevitable downfall of Ron Desantis. Trump was described in Michael Cohen’s book Unfair like being unable to be loyal to anyone if doing so doesn’t improve yourself. Trump has touted his positive feelings for DiSantis, as in Politico saying, “He’s a friend of mine. I supported Ron, and after I approved it, it took off like a rocket. “However, Trump has turned on many colleagues once he sees them as useless for his ambitions or threatening components. DeSantis has expressed concern about the fact that let Trump be mad at him if the polls continue to put him beating the former president. DeSantis would not be the first politician whose popularity plummeted due to Trump’s unfair attacks.

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