• August 4, 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets New Revision, F-14 and Twin Otter Get New Screenshots, CRJ 900/1000 Delayed; Warsaw Modlin Airport Announced


Today, Microsoft and third-party developers had a lot of news to share about the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator and upcoming add-ons.

Today, Microsoft and third-party developers had a lot of news to share about the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator and upcoming add-ons.

First of all, we learn a new hotfix is ​​coming for the simulator, to address more issues caused by Sim Update 5.

Here is a list of what will be addressed when the patch is released on Friday or Monday, but the developers mention that there could be more.

We also heard confirmation that World Update 6 is planned for a release on August 24 and will bring more fixes.

  • Volumetric lighting is missing – This was a shadowing bug and will be fixed in the next review.
  • LOD popping and stuttering when camera pan – PC Simmers with graphics set to Ultra will experience this when they move the camera very quickly. We are working on a new option that will allow you to customize the number of off-screen scenarios that will be cached. Our goal is for this to be released on Aug 24 (Global Update 6).
  • Low Resolution Soil Texture – This is a bug introduced when we fixed the tree draw distance from high latitudes and will be addressed in the next review.
  • CTD – We are currently investigating and planning various fixes for Global Update 6.
  • Washed graphics and cloud appearance – Attempts to improve the appearance of the cloud introduced an overexposure of the world. This will be addressed in the next review. We are planning a brightness slider for an upcoming Sim update to allow for visual customization of your sim.
  • Aerosoft CRJ – We have found and fixed a bug in an open source math library that is part of Web Assembly [wasi-libc] that was part of the CRJ and has been resolved. A new package will be available in the next few days.
  • Incorrect altitude ATC – The pressure altitude has been aligned with the new altimeter simulation and ATC should no longer ask you to reach your current altitude if you are already there. This is addressed in the review. In Global Update 6, further improvements will be made to the altimeter and ambient pressure system.
  • Temperature peaks – The previous hotfix did not fix all cases of the problem. This will be addressed in the next review.

Let’s start the third-party carousel with Only flight, who shared new screenshots of the upcoming DC Designs F-14 Tomcat.

Next, Aerosoft He also shared more screenshots of the de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter, showing more of the cargo cabin and the colors of Trans Maldivian Airways.

Unfortunately we also learn that the CRJ 900/1000 package has been delayed to “probably late September or October” due to “technical reasons.”

On the other hand, the excellent CRJ 700/550 plugin will be updated in the “next few days” to be compatible with Sim Update 5.

We also heard that it will be tested on Xbox, so it could actually be released on the console version of the sim. We already know that Twin Otter will launch on Xbox.

Below you can read the patch notes for CRJ 700/550.

– Fixed restart of start flag after engine start (PACKS OFF Lt and CAS message)
– Fixed missing symbols in MFD
– Correction of formula for calculating IAS
– Fixed L / R selection in MFD menus
– Fixed audio panel volume controls for COM radios
– Various corrections in airplane.cfg files (airline names, callsigns, etc.)
– Indication of flaps “1” in EICAS for the position of lever 1 (physical position of the flaps = 0)
– Fixed PA / CALL / EMER pushbutton lights
– Increased camera zoom for FCP and Fuel / Defuel Panel cameras
– Changed camera angle for EFB camera
– Fixed setting reservation and taxi fuel when loading a flight plan
– Unlocking the thrust tank deactivated during cold and dark
– Updated flight model CRJ-550/700
– Fixed radius to fix legs
– Fixed a condition where the value of a minute could become 60 and an hour could become 24
– Added a math library provided by Asobo to fix the airspeed indicator problem
– Fixed center shadow camera
– Added a high quality flag for textures (no longer the default setting in SU5)

Last but not least, Design Drzewiecki He mocked Warsaw Modlin Airport (EPMO). It is a secondary international airport serving the Polish capital, served almost exclusively by Ryanair.

You can see a couple of work-in-progress images below. The developer is also working to address the issues caused on its scenario by Sim Update 5.

We recently posted our massive new interview with Microsoft Flight Simulator boss Jorg Neumann, focusing on the Xbox version and short-term and long-term plans for the sim (on both platforms).

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X | S.

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