• August 4, 2021

New South Wales COVID Cases Grow, New South Wales COVID Cases Grow, Sydney Lockdown Continues, Southeast Queensland Lockdown Continues, Doherty Institute Vaccine Model Released

Wodonga Mayor Kevin Poulton says the uncertainty and inconsistency in following two sets of restrictions on both sides of the border between New South Wales and the Victorian border crippled the population of Albury-Wodonga and drove tourists away from area.

“I live in Albury and I am the mayor of Wodonga,” he said. “On the New South Wales side [in Albury] You don’t have to wear a mask outside, in Victoria you have to wear it.

“There is no consistent approach every time they tighten or ease restrictions. It paralyzes the economy. ”

Wodonga Mayor Kev Poulton at the border crossing last year. Credit:Jason robins

Starting today, travelers living in the border bubble will only be able to cross the Murray River without a permit to access necessary goods and services, care, work and education, vaccination and exercise.

Poulton said restrictions in place in New South Wales have caused many people living in bubble cities near Murray to venture south and support Victorian businesses over the past month. But new rules set by the Victorian government prevent people from doing so.

“The Victorian government is cutting off your nose to screw your face. Those who want to support the state of Victoria cannot, ”he said.

“We are doing our job by making our vaccines. They are positive and capable people, but they prefer to stay home and make sure they don’t do anything wrong than support small businesses.

“Some cling to the skin of the teeth, others just cling, they have exhausted their savings. The entertainment industry and the arts are over. “

He said no one in Albury is doing day trips to Sydney, and that for many in the city that straddles the Murray River, Melbourne is the capital they visit most frequently.

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