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  • August 4, 2021

When does the COVID-19 panic end?

Two weeks to stop the spread.

That was the original rationale for the closures, masking, and social distancing – to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus so that Americans could be sure that we would not exceed the capacity of the hospital, causing unnecessary deaths.

Wait until a vaccine is available.

That was the next goal message: a warning to continue taking precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus until a vaccine can be developed. Despite warnings from COVID-19 naysayers that a vaccine would take years to develop, despite unwarranted scaremongering from figures like Vice President Kamala Harris that the Trump administration would skew vaccine protocols to achieve political ends, the vaccines were miraculously developed.

Wait until all adults have a chance to get the vaccine.

That was the ultimate reason for caution. And as states began distributing vaccines by the millions, everyone in the United States over the age of 12 had the opportunity to get vaccinated. To date, more than 90% of adults age 65 and older, the highest-risk population in the United States, have been vaccinated, and more than 70% of all Americans age 18 and older have also been vaccinated.

And yet.

We are told that we are experiencing a massive COVID-19 crisis. We have been told that those vaccinated must re-mask; that those not vaccinated are prohibited from entering public establishments; that children should be masked at school. We have been told that the United States faces fatality and death on a daily basis and that we are seeing a crisis similar to the last wave of the coronavirus in January. We are masking and checking vaccine cards in Washington, DC, in San Francisco, in Los Angeles, in New York.

The statistics just don’t confirm it. According to the seven-day moving average calculated by The New York Times, fewer than 400 Americans per day die from COVID-19; at the height of the pandemic, more than 3,000 were. In Washington, DC (total population: 692,000), that number is 0; in San Francisco County (total population: 875,000), that number is 0; in Los Angeles County (total population: 10 million), that number is 9; In New York City (total population: 8.4 million), that number is 3.

The current peak of the delta variant has resulted in a massive count of cases, particularly in Florida, but deaths do not track cases, and if the United States follows the pattern of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, we are likely to see the count of cases. will start to crater in the next few weeks. Those who are vaccinated are not dying from COVID-19; its death rate is miniscule. Those who are not vaccinated have chosen one do not vaccinate; they are independent adults capable of determining their own approach to risk and reward.

All of which requires us to ask ourselves the question: When do we finish?

When do we finish telling children to wear masks to protect adults who do not want to vaccinate? When do we finish telling companies to shut down or ban clients based on vaccination status? When are we done with mask commands (data suggests mask commands are ineffective, even if masking is sometimes helpful), with no evidence social distancing rules (six feet is pure conjecture), with delphic pronouncements always hesitant of Dr. Anthony Fauci? We have reached the goal posts; Every adult now has the ability to protect himself. There are no other realistic goals – zero COVID-19 cases was never a realistic goal.

When is government work done?

And yet.

Our public health “experts” continue to promote increasingly outrageous restrictions. This week, the director of the National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins, went so far as to recommend that vaccinated parents mask themselves in their own houses around its own children. There is no beginning to limit it, nor an end goal. There is only a bureaucratic and political elite that is unwilling to treat citizens as adults, acknowledge their own limitations, and leave us alone.

And if we accept that, we deserve nothing less than submission to their paternalistic control.



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