• August 5, 2021

A new newsletter chronicling California politics

A historic governor recall election. Huge decisions are being made about housing, wildfires and criminal justice in Sacramento. Once a decade redesign of the political maps of the Golden State and important changes for candidates and voters in the 2022 election cycle.

This is an important time to keep an eye out for political and government news, which is why The Times has launched the California Politics newsletter.

Beginning August 13, our new Friday dispatch will offer a detailed look at each week’s developments, as well as broader topics from the State Capitol, the election campaign, and more. We will offer more than a cursory list of events and actions. The goal is also to provide dimension and context on the events and elected officials of the nation’s most populous state.

We are starting a new course. After wrapping California political news with our Essential Politics coverage of Washington and the nation, we are highlighting our state’s politics at a crucial time and hope to connect and spark conversation.

While California is often said to lead many of the nation’s discussions – Governor Gavin Newsom has called the state “America’s next attraction” – much of what state leaders face is unique to our communities, from Eureka to Calexico. Californians face the challenges of balancing growth and conservation, having limited government but adequate services, providing opportunity but insisting on shared responsibility.

Decades of fierce debate on issues such as taxes, immigration and gun control have created a California where elected officials share power with voters who write laws through ballot measures. In a sense, it has created a blueprint for democracy that requires the constant participation of an informed and engaged electorate.

Our plan is to make The Times California Politics newsletter an essential window into what makes Golden State tick. We hope you will join us for the conversation. Register here or on our newsletter page.

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