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  • August 5, 2021

Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville’s Glass Dog

The Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville’s Glass Dog it’s a rare drop from an even rarer foe, but worth finding.

If you manage to find and defeat the Treasure Yeti holding the Crystal Dog in Plants vs Zombies, you can exchange it for a stash of coins and an exclusive reward. However, getting to that point is a bit tricky.

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Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville’s Glass Dog | Falling Glass Dog and Yeti Treasure

The crystal dog only falls from Treasure Yeti monsters. These unique bosses have specific spawn conditions.

Treasure Yetis spawn at random spots where there are no plants around. However, some players report having more success with the Treasure Yeti spawns in Plants Town Center and Mount Steep. Wherever you are, the Treasure Yeti only appears if there is no other active mission.

It’s also completely random when it appears, with no warning or any other prompts until it happens, so be patient and watch for the Treasure Yeti icon to appear. Usually it won’t stick around for long. We recommend high damage builds for this fight, along with targeted attacks, as the Yeti can disrupt your mobility.

Defeat the monster and it should drop a glass dog.

Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville’s Glass Dog | What are you doing with the glass dog?

Pick up the crystal dog quickly, as it disappears after a few seconds, and head towards the nearest strange well, be it Plants Town Center or Mount Steep. The images above show roughly where the well is in each area. You will take additional damage while holding the Crystal Dog, and you will also not be able to run or heal.

Interact with the strange pit once you arrive and you will get a crystal dog medal and 10,000 coins the first time. Treasure Yetis will continue to release Crystal Dogs, which you can redeem for 2,500 coins and not medals.

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