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  • August 6, 2021

Businesses need data on the vaccine mandate, but the PM does not provide it

Business wants clarity, but Scott Morrison just waffles and refuses to give it. Is it because you are afraid of your own back bench?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Image: AAP / Steve Vitt)

One of the most important and potentially divisive issues in the transition to “living with COVID” is the willingness of companies outside of the immediate care and health professions to demand that their workers get vaccinated.

Food manufacturer SPC decided to take the lead with a vaccine mandate that will take effect over the next two months for its workers. However, their legal authority to do so is questioned, and there is no clear advice from the Fair Work Commission or Safe Work Australia. Safe Work Australia tells employers: “You should do everything that is reasonably possible to minimize this risk and vaccination should be viewed as one way to do this in the context of a variety of COVID-19 control measures,” but “a requirement for workers to be vaccinated will be reasonably feasible. “

What Crikey forecast, although in a much shorter period of time than we expected, companies are asking the government to clarify what they rightly call a “gray area.” Industry SPCs can afford worker or union litigation, but smaller companies cannot and do need something a little better than “unlikely.”

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