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  • August 6, 2021

Donald Trump knows who’s a loser and he’s the American Olympic team plus the PURPLE HAIRED lady!

We disrupt our regularly scheduled practice of not giving a shit what Donald Trump says, because LOL wow, this is so sad:

If our soccer team, led by a radical group of left-wing maniacs, hadn’t woken up, they would have won the gold medal instead of the bronze. Waking up means you lose, everything that wakes up goes wrong, and our soccer team certainly has. However, there were a few Patriots on their feet. Unfortunately, they need more than that to respect our country and our national anthem. They should replace the wokesters with Patriots and start winning again. The woman with the purple hair played terribly and spends too much time thinking about the politics of the radical left and not doing her job!

Trump issued five statements yesterday. However, this is the only one that is this fun.

So Trump is very happy that the US women’s soccer team only won a bronze medal in Tokyo. Because he knows a lot about moving his body from side to side and up and down, because he has a lot of experience with burning calories, he knows the problem is that the soccer team, like the most influential athletes in many sports these days, is quite awake. (Achievements and opportunities that put people in touch with people who don’t look like them tend to do that with people.)

Trump, who understands how soccer works, simply knows that if footballers stopped “waking up” and, we don’t know, started hating black people like Donald Trump does, they would have won gold. I don’t know how the white hoods they would have to wear with their uniforms would really help them on the field, but …

The point is, Trump, who was last in the 2020 election and never really won anything fairly in his entire life, is trying to teach people how to win. Athletes. This from the boy who thinks exercise is bad for you.

You can bet.

And he really doesn’t like that Megan Rapinoe with her purple hair!

Of course, Megan Rapinoe he doesn’t give a shit about him, then, it is not really relevant what Trump thinks:

This is a good time to bring it up this piece by Zack Beauchamp on Vox, on how Trump’s racist fascist white people have really officially turned against America at these Olympics. He goes through a bunch of examples, all from world-class athletic commentators, obviously. Tomi Lahren saying Team USA is “the largest group of complaining social justice activists the Olympics have seen in decades.” Some chubby case of little man syndrome from Newsmax, celebrating the “kneeling anthems” on the basketball team that lost to France. Of course, we all saw how they got scared when the black gymnast did not follow their orders.

The beauty of it is that Simone Biles, and indeed all these athletes that white conservatives complain about, will never have a reason to worry about what bothers these white conservatives. It’s literally never going to cross your radar. It is less than insignificant.

Beauchamp’s argument for this sharp turn toward blatant anti-Americanism, which, he notes, runs parallel to the anti-Americanism that makes them support Donald Trump’s terrorist attack on the United States Capitol, is based on the idea that these people, these Useless white losers, they have zero place in real America. They say they want their country back, but as Beauchamp points out, it is “clear that the only America they love is the one that exists in their heads.” So while they abuse the American flag by placing it alongside Trump’s flags on their southern boats, they are literally sitting here actively rooting against a country that might be part of, if they weren’t such bigoted fascist losers, like their lord and savior and god Donald Trump. Instead, they have simply turned against America and American democracy themselves.

A short excerpt, but you should read it all:

In end of julyOhio Senate candidate JD Vance warned that “we have lost each and every major cultural institution in this country,” and suggested that the United States “has built its entire civilization” around selfish and miserable people. At the beginning of that monthSouth Dakota Governor Kristi Noem said, “I look at Joe Biden’s America and I don’t recognize the country I grew up in.”

The Olympics have brought out this sense of alienation from the US right wing. When conservatives see American athletes representing values ​​at odds with their vision of the country, they do not endorse Team USA in the name of patriotism, but ignite the icons of the nation itself.

Queer women’s soccer stars demanding equal pay, black basketball players on their knees to protest police brutality, the best gymnast in the world who prioritizes her mental health over upholding the traditional ideal of the “tough” athlete – this is all a manifestation of the predominance of liberal cultural values ​​in public life. And a United States where these values ​​permeate national symbols, like the Olympic team, is a United States where those symbols are worthy of contempt.

“Much of the self-perception of the American right is about losing the culture war. And that’s where, specifically, is where some of this overt anti-Americanism comes from, especially from the grassroots,” says David Walsh, a post. -doctoral fellow at the University of Virginia studying the history of law.

They literally hate the real America. They are an insurgency of seditious, and will only get worse as their real influence in the country continues to wane, as more and more people realize they have nothing to offer and simply turn their heads to ignore them. Again, read Beauchamp’s full article, it goes way beyond these anti-American complaints about the Olympics.

Of course, these whiny snowflakes have an easy way out of this, and that is that they could learn to be valuable participants in a multicultural society, people with something to offer who are not intolerant dead ends. They are not taking it.

Instead you get loser items like Warner Todd Huston at Breitbart, proclaiming that the “internet” is celebrating the defeat of the “awakened Olympic icons.” For proof, post tweets from crazy figures like Dinesh D’Souza and other folks that we’re pretty sure mostly clandestinely shoot hoops.

And none of us would know anything about it if we didn’t go looking for it, because my gosh, is there anything more boring than nuts complaining from cheap seats about athletes doing things these nuts could never do?

Sorry, I can’t think of anything.

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