• August 6, 2021

Prepare for the worst air in the world

SATURDAY PM UPDATE: Mission accomplished, says CBS4 Denver:

The IQAir.com website, which tracks air quality in major cities around the world, listed Denver as the most polluted country on the planet in the early hours of Saturday afternoon. The AQI was listed as 162. Rounding out the top five list was Salt Lake City, Utah.

On the positive side, you are supposed to already wear a mask.


Sorry folks, we are just the messenger:

FOX 13 Salt Lake City reporting On behalf of our divinely naked neighbors to the west:

Due to current smoke conditions, northern Utah has the worst air quality on the planet, according to IQAir, a website that monitors pollution levels around the world.

A thick haze fell over northern Utah on Friday morning as the winds shifted and brought wildfire smoke from Oregon and northern California. Air quality is as bad as the worst investing conditions found during winter in northern Utah.

Salt Lake City and Denver, which are also affected by smoke from other states, are the only two cities in the US ranked in the top 20 most polluted areas.

Colorado’s Front Range is enjoying a mild breathe today of the unpleasant air that we have seen much of the week month Summer, but the forecast for Saturday is nothing short of dismal: air quality is bad enough to make outdoor activity uncomfortable for even healthy people, as smoke choking Utah flows into Colorado . Smoke from another massive western fire season is bad enough, but keep in mind that it’s ground-level ozone pollution from cars and fossil fuel production that gives these smoky summer afternoons a burn. special.

Welcome to the “new normal” in a world where human-caused climate change is now set to at least to some degree run its course, after years of inadequate response to a problem we knew was building right before us. eyes, but if we could mitigate the damage with better options in the future that would be nice. Colorado may not be directly threatened by rising sea levels, but the prospect of inhaling western United States smoke that will turn to ash in the next few decades is … unappealing.

For today, all you can do is adjust your weekend plans accordingly.

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