• August 8, 2021

FACT CHECK: NYTimes Promoting Medical Child Abuse: Propaganda About Reality

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  • Perri Klass gives “tips” on how to find an LGBT-friendly doctor
  • The NYT continues to push for radical medical measures on children
  • Ignoring facts and scientific evidence, Perri Klass pushes an ideology rather than a serious attempt to tackle a complicated subject.

OUR RATING: Journalistic negligence. Even Salon.com is ashamed.

Indicated output: Perri Klass MD | NYT | Link | Archive | 7/14/21

In another piece of NYT propaganda, the social, moral, and factual consequences are ignored in favor of affirming each and every sexual desire a developing youth has. Rather than present objective reality, that these methods are experimental and lacking scientific evidence, Perri Klass acts as if science is in favor of boosting sexual identities in children on the basis of fleeting feelings or desires.

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Major violations:

  • Opinion as fact
  • There is no supporting evidence
  • Superficial investigation
  • Promoting psychological abuse

Klass begins with advice for parents and children to think of the primary care visit as “A place to talk about all aspects of a child’s changing mind and body.”

This has never been the traditional role of the pediatrician, but Klass assumes the role of moral, religious and physical guide in the formation of children.

Klass’ first mistake is to mislead readers into thinking that LGBTQ-friendly doctors are just ‘asserting’ the child’s identity. This is why his first warning is to “be careful about comments about the gender of children unnecessarily: are you giving a boy a He-Man sticker or letting him choose?”

And yet the evidence suggests that if pediatricians acted as Klass advised, they would only confuse and seriously harm minors by locking them into a certain sexual orientation that would have passed as quickly as it came. Klass writes:

When you speak to patients in the general pediatric clinic, Dr. Hassouri said, you begin by asking, ‘Are you comfortable in your body, how do you identify yourself, what is the gender (s) of the people you are attracted to, rather than ‘Are you gay, straight or bisexual?’ “

For Klass, these questions are only intended to help the boy question his gender identity. Questions and doubts only mean that children should be advised to choose a gender different from their biological reality. A child may have natural questions, their hormones and natural development can cause anxiety and doubt, but for extremists like Klass, that is an opportunity and an opportunity to push forward this radical biological / political extremism.

You can read the rest at the Gateway Pundit Fact Check Office: TGP FactCheck.com

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