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  • August 9, 2021

Poll: Zelda: Skyward Sword HD’s Biggest Question – How do you pronounce Fi?

Last month, the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD once again fanned the flames in one of the biggest controversies the Zelda franchise has ever known. No, we do not mean the yays Y do not of motion controls versus buttons, or the merits of an overworld compartmentalized with dungeon-like design elements versus the open-world approach that would come with Breath of the Wild, or if you find companions in Zelda games, helpful assistants, or irritating parasites.

No, no, we are talking about the big question: How do you pronounce ‘Fi’?

Yes, Link’s companion in this HD remastering on Switch has been modified to provide 72% less blindingly obvious information about his journey through HD Skyloft and Hyrule, but the answer to this pronunciation question is one of the few. things it doesn’t tell you. in this version or the original Wii.

A quick informal survey at the Nintendo Life office indicates that most of us have been wrong for a decade

Without voice acting to guide us, it remains open to player interpretation. According to Nintendo (canonically), it is pronounced / faɪ /, as it rhymes with ‘high’ or ‘sky’ or ‘fly’. All useful words when talking about Skyward Sword, indeed.

It really makes sense. The ‘Fi’ bit of ‘wifi’, ‘hifi’ and ‘sci-fi’ rhymes with ‘five’, at least in English. Still, a quick informal survey at the Nintendo Life office indicates that most of us have been making mistakes for a decade; most of us say her name / fiː /, as in ‘feet’ or the short version of ‘Fiona’.

We already know what is ‘correct’, but we thought about asking how your pronounce the name of this sharp Zelda character. Below you will find a poll asking what you say in your head when this helper shows up with helpful advice. In the Wii original, we recall calling the overly informative companion a variety of colorful names that Nintendo wouldn’t actually endorse. even though we keep things nice next, okay?

This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed noodle pronunciation problems in games; Check out our previous polls that look at various Pokémon and game related words if you are a lover of all things language.

Have you been going against the grain of Nintendo for the past ten years? Feel free (sorry, faithful fry) to elucidate in the comments below.

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