• August 9, 2021

Terrifying New IPCC Report Warns: Time is Running Out for Humanity to Address Climate Change

The new IPCC report released today is scary as hell, and the scariest thing is the fact that we have seen it coming for many years, while the fossil fuel industries and the Republican Party have been lying and spreading propaganda relentlessly to avoid any action. to deal with the looming threat: IPCC warns of a defining decade for humanity.

In an unprecedented summer Heat waves, forest fires, floods, and all the concomitant death and suffering That comes with them, the world’s leading climate scientists have issued their severest warning yet. Humanity’s influence on climate is “unequivocal,” the report warns, before going on to list a litany of climate impacts that will get exponentially worse if we don’t act.

“The fact that the IPCC has agreed, with the agreement of all member countries, to 195 member countries, which is ‘unequivocal’ that human activity is causing climate change, is the strongest statement the IPCC has ever made” , Ko Barrett, the IPCC vice chairman, said at a press conference.

The 234 scientists behind the report also clarify that now or never is the world’s best chance to avoid even more horrific impacts of climate change, while showing that every ton of carbon pollution and every tenth of a degree matters.


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