• August 10, 2021

CNN reporter criticizes Joe Biden for saying that Cuomo did a “great job” as governor (VIDEO)

Joe Biden commented Tuesday on the Senate’s passage of the $ 1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill.

The $ 1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill passed the Senate chamber in a 69-30 vote Tuesday after further negotiations.

The gigantic bill will now go to the House for consideration.

19 Republicans voted with the Democrats and gave Joe Biden the victory.

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Biden answered questions after his press from a list of pre-approved reporters.

A reporter asked Joe Biden how he would evaluate Andrew Cuomo’s 10.5 years as governor of New York.

Cuomo announced his resignation Tuesday morning amid allegations of sexual assault.

Biden said Cuomo did a “great job.”

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins criticized Biden: “Can you really say that he has done a great job if he is accused of sexually harassing women?”

Biden argued with the CNN reporter and insisted the question was ‘did you do a good job on infrastructure?’

Collins replied, “The question was how he did as governor.”

“Do not….” Biden said arguing with Kaitlan Collins.


Cuomo killed thousands of elderly New Yorkers with his order to send Covid-infected people back to nursing homes and sexually harassed countless women; for Joe Biden, that’s “amazing work.”

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