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  • August 10, 2021

Embark on a Healthy Arcade Adventure in Button City, Now Available for Xbox Series X | S

We are Subliminal, a small independent studio that does City Button– A narrative adventure game about a fox and his friends teaming up to save their local arcade from being shut down by a greedy (and literal) fat cat. It’s the best summer vacation adventure! It is available starting today on Xbox Series X | Yes, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!


Enter a colorful, pocket-sized world inspired by childhood nostalgia in the 90s and early 2000s, seen through pastel pink tinted glasses. Play as Fennel, a shy little fox and the new kid in town, as he gets caught up in a fast-paced adventure with the local kids. Follow a story about friendship, growing, and saving the things that are most important to you, and make friends with charming, fun, and relatable characters along the way.

City Button It may take place in a cute little diorama world, but don’t be fooled, it’s feature-packed and fun! There is so much more than just history and cute art. The main story is peppered with all kinds of features, including arcade games, minigames, puzzles, side quests, collecting items, wearable devices, and more.

Arcade games

There are 3 main arcade games in City Button: Gobabots, rEVolution Racer, Y Prism Beats. These are fully playable games within the game – play on your own, challenge the NPCs, and win tickets to redeem for prizes at the prize counter:

City Button
  • Gobabots: A 4v4 mini-MOBA with collectible fruit robots in outer space, and it’s in the middle of a Pokémania-style pop culture moment. All the kids are crazy about it – they’re playing games, watching cartoons, reading comics, drawing fanart, cosplaying, and drinking the official brand Gobabots soda. Players unlock new playable characters for this game by collecting Gobapods, small plastic capsules with toys inside that can be inserted into the game. Gobabots arcade machine. Each Gobabot has its own unique weapons and attacks, so collect them all, set up your perfect team, and become arcade champions.
City Button
  • rEVolution Racer: A classic arcade racing game in which players drive through jungle roads in electric cars. This game is based on a manga in the universe starring Evie, a tough bunny who works on her own electric car, the EV Sprinter, which was built by her grandmother. Challenge other kids in the arcade, beat their times and reach the top of the leaderboard!
City Button
  • Prism Beats: TO Dance dance revolutionRhythm-style game with a full spectrum of funky rainbow visuals and several super cool tracks. Each song has 2 difficulty modes, and you can unlock new songs to play by purchasing soundtracks from your local record store. Collect all the songs and show your moves!

Lint enhancements

We really wanted each part of the game to have a purpose, so there are no useless elements in City Button. Every item in the game has some kind of effect, be it a key story item, a wearable outfit, a decoration for your room, or a fluff upgrade.

City Button

What is a Fluff Buff? Therefore, the 3 arcade games can be “modified” in the game with the items that you buy in stores or that you get by completing side missions. These effects are called Fluff Buffs which include new difficulty levels, challenge modes, alternate game modes, and cosmetics (big head mode, anyone?). Collect all the items to unlock all the mods!

We don’t want to reveal everything, but there are many more fun surprises and content waiting for you right now at City Button! We hope the game has something special for everyone. While it’s family-friendly and kid-friendly, we think adults who like media like cartoons and healthy games will love it too.

Thanks for reading and stay awesome!

PS: We have tons of fun giveaways and digital mini-games on our website to celebrate the launch! Get free wallpapers, avatars, printable crafts and more at https://www.buttoncitygame.com/cool-zone.

Xbox Live

City Button


$ 19.99

Fennel is a shy little fox who just moved to town. After discovering the local arcade, he makes new friends and is embroiled in a fast-paced adventure to save him from being shut down by the claws of the fat and greedy cat Peppermint Pepperbottom. Button City is a colorful low-poly narrative adventure game about friendship and community. Enter a world of pastel diorama inspired by 90s nostalgia and full of cute characters to make friends with. Complete wacky missions around town, play arcade games, collect fun costumes, solve puzzles, and more as you follow a story about growing up and saving the things that are important to you.

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