• August 10, 2021

Veteran auto racing announcer Bob Jenkins passes away – RedState

Bob Jenkins, who enjoyed a decades-long career on both radio and television covering different racing series, including INDYCAR and NASCAR, passed away Monday for brain cancer. Jenkins was 73 years old.

Jenkins’ soft, sonorous voice brought excitement and reassurance to racing fans throughout his career. Often teamed up in NASCAR with the late Benny Parsons, Jenkins playing the perfect heterosexual man / event communicator for Parsons’ jovial storytelling and insight.

Jenkins was a throwback to a time when the announcer tried his best not to be the show and yet was a part of it. He understood the art of calling a race, and when there wasn’t much action on the track, Parsons, and sometimes Ned Jarrett, would put out a story or anecdote to keep spectators entertained until things picked up during the race.

Jenkins never dramatized a call too much. He let the race speak for itself, developing it and giving it a voice that fans new to the sport and seasoned veterans could relate to. Jenkins was serious and studious about his craft, but he also knew how to have fun and invite viewers with him.

God quick, Bob.


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