• August 10, 2021

What are the Democrats doing with the debt limit?

Punchbowl News: “The White House theory is this: This debt was piled up under former President Donald Trump, and the Democrats are not going to let the Republicans just hang it around their neck. Some in the White House seem to think that 10 Senate Republicans will give in and vote on the debt limit if combined with a government funding bill next month. “

“The Democrats are playing the same thing they did in 2011, saying that the debt limit is a joint responsibility that both parties have equally. But politics is different this time. Republicans are a minority in the House and Senate, and the Republican Party is a very different party than it was a decade ago. The Tea Party seems tame compared to what happened to Trump. Also, after the aforementioned bipartisan victories (see above), McConnell’s Republican allies seem to think he has an incentive to keep his party against the debt cap and let the Democrats figure it out on their own. “

“For the White House and some Democrats, slapping reconciliation was a political loser. The administration feared that adding the debt cap on reconciliation would have spooked House Democrats and given them a reason to vote against the upcoming budget resolution. “

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