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  • August 11, 2021

Air Force and Olympian Veteran Bremer to Run Against Cocktail Senator

Olympian and Air Force veteran Eli Bremer officially entered the race this week to challenge Michael Bennet for the US Senate seat for Colorado.

The Republican and former chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party is a native of Colorado.

“Having worn our nation’s uniform twice, in the military and at the Olympics, I am concerned that the country I have represented is being sold by concerned politicians,” Bremer said in a statement.

“I have traveled the world and seen how special we are in America. Having grown up in Colorado, I have also seen how special our state is. We deserve a senator who wants to be a voice for Colorado instead of moving up the political ladder, ”said Bremer.

Video of Bremer’s official announcement on his website shows him scouring the state looking for Bennet, showing voters the photo of the Democrat and asking if they have seen the man before.

Bremer highlights Bennet’s lack of effectiveness and leadership, stating that the former presidential candidate has only written one piece of legislation that has actually become law.

“He’s more interested in attending cocktails in DC than tackling real problems,” Bremer said.

Bremer scoffs at the photo shoot hosted by US Senator Michael Bennet by receiving a phone call from President Biden next to a propeller tractor at a tourist stop.

Bremer has floated his name to higher office for the past decade and it looks like he could mean it this time.

Bremer says he has not decided whether to put a petition on the ballot for the Republican primaries or go through the party’s assembly process, which is significant because the former chairman of the county’s GOP altered many feathers on the party’s central committee. last year.

PeakNation ™ You will remember the infighting that resulted after a Bremer-led El Paso County district party assembly was held online due to COVID.

Long story short, Bremer said the process was conducted fairly and in the course of his defense he secretly recorded phone conversations with one of Colorado’s most beloved conservatives and then party chairman, US Representative Ken Buck.

Ultimately, Bremer refused to comply with the party’s central committee vote and a judge ruled with Bremer against the party, so David Stiver was not added to the ballot.

Bremer’s most recent foray into politics was last April when he arrived in a distant third running for the National Committee.

What it took us a long time to say here is that Bremer has pissed off a lot of people in the Republican Party, so you’ll probably have to gather a lot of cash to apply for your ballot.

Peter Yu, Juli Henry and Erik Aadland are also campaigning for the Republican primary race to take on Bennet.

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