• August 11, 2021

Billions of dollars later, what happened to the Afghan military?

There should have been plenty of time for US-funded military and political leaders in Afghanistan to develop a strategy to defend the country. What went wrong?

Afghan army soldiers at a military training center on the outskirts of Kabul (Image: AP / Anja Niedringhaus)

The fighting forces are dissolved in a heated battle. The United States bombs insurgent positions to prevent the collapse of the country. As the Taliban offensive risks turning into defeat, analysts and observers, as well as Afghans themselves, are wondering: what went wrong with Afghanistan’s defense forces?

The United States and its allies have invested billions of dollars in developing, arming, and training the Afghan Army, Air Force, Special Forces commandos, and police. America alone has spent nearly $ 83 billion in Afghanistan’s defense sector since 2001, when it led an invasion in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. NATO saying has donated more than $ 70 million in supplies to Afghanistan’s defense forces, including medical equipment and bulletproof vests, so far this year.

However, last week, ten provincial capitals fell in Afghanistan. According to regional and security sources, four of those capitals were effectively handed over to the insurgents by national forces that refused to resist. Experts now predict that the national capital, Kabul, will be attacked next month.

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