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  • August 11, 2021

Holy Symposium: Mesa County Clerk Scandal Explodes

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Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters with “MyPillow Guy” conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell.

Yesterday’s Colorado political news headlines were dominated by an investigation ordered by the Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s in an alleged serious breach of electoral systems security in Mesa County, in which passwords to access Domain voting systems The workstations were leaked and eventually ended up posted on a right-wing blog that falsely claimed that they could be used to remotely log in to (and thus manipulate) electoral systems.

Republican Mesa County Clerk Tina peters, who has previously made bizarre and unfounded claims about electoral systems in support of the former president Donald trump claiming that the election was stolen despite having certified her own county’s results last November without issue, she issued a statement in response to Secretary of State Griswold’s demand for registration that vaguely suggested that she was involved in this violation, saying “The citizens of Mesa County have been critical of electoral integrity” and “I will do everything in my power to protect your vote.” If Peters’ promise to “protect your vote” was finding out how this violation occurred or easing the gap it was not clear.

Until last night, like the Grand Junction Sentinel Charles ashby reports:

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters made a surprise appearance at Mike Lindell’s symposium on Tuesday, an event intended to investigate the allegation that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. She said state officials were “raiding” her office as she flew to the South Dakota event.

Peters, who faces possible criminal charges for security breaches, told the symposium audience that whoever walked into his Grand Junction office on Tuesday could have accessed whatever they wanted, and hinted they were planting false evidence.

Peters was the featured speaker at Lindell’s symposium, [Pols emphasis] an event that the My Pillow company and a fervent supporter of former President Donald Trump promised would provide irrefutable evidence to show that the election was rigged, regardless of the vast amount of evidence to the contrary.

The 2022 Republican Secretary of State candidate Rose Pugliese is rumored to sadly show her support for Tina Peters in 2018.

Heidi beedle of the Colorado Springs Independent reported via Twitter that at least two other Colorado-based “Big Lie” street vendors traveled to South Dakota to appear on “MyPillow Guy” By Mike Lindell “Cyber ​​Symposium” with Clerk Peters – Including first-year Republican Rep. “Insurrectionist Man of Mystery.” Ron Hanks Y Bishop of Sherrona, a close associate of Rep. Lauren boebert. As the From the Washington Post Joseph Marks reports this morning, no evidence of voter fraud of Lindell’s so-called “symposium” despite Lindell’s insistence that a bomb was coming:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell opened a “cyber symposium” yesterday promising digital proof of his outlandish claims that the 2020 election was hacked.

But by the end of the first day, all he had provided was a bunch of data that amounted to nothing, according to the experts who attended …

“This is a huge nothing and a distraction,” Harri Hursti, a longtime election security expert who attended the conference to verify any technical evidence, told me. Hursti is among the most prominent critics of voting machine security, but has criticized allegations of voter fraud by Donald Trump and his supporters for lacking hard evidence.

… Lindell began the day by stating that the conference itself was the victim of hacking. Throughout the long day, he claimed that impressive evidence would soon arrive that never materialized. [Pols emphasis]

Was Clerk Peters the “bomb” that Mike Lindell promised? If so, you were unable to deliver the merchandise. However, this represents a major escalation on the part of the “Big Lie” conspiracy theorists in Colorado, who are now rallying around Peters even though there is no evidence that Peters did anything more than commit. a crime and capitalizing on his situation to buy time with Mike Lindell. But make no mistake, nothing Peters is doing here will help her in a possible criminal defense, which appears to be she is going to need:

Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein launched a criminal investigation. He said he hasn’t spoken to Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters in quite a while.

Politically, this escalating scandal could turn into a debacle for Colorado Republicans seeking to regain state offices in 2022. Former Mesa County Commissioner Rosa Pugliese, a longtime ally of Clerk Peters (pictured above right), faces tough questions about Peters (and the 2020 election in general) that could be enough to dissuade her from running for secretary of state, or make her ineligible if she does run. .

As we have said repeatedly, it is arrogance for Colorado Republicans to participate in this new groundless feud of the 2020 election. Colorado, with our proven track record of safe and accessible elections that the voting public overwhelmingly trusts, is the wrong battlefield. for the “Big Lie” with no way out. If the obsession with guessing 2020 becomes the face of the Colorado Republican Party in 2022, a third straight disaster awaits them at the polls.

As for “MyPillow Guy”, hopefully he will keep enough money to help Clerk Peters pay bail.

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