• August 11, 2021

Rand Paul is suspended from YouTube, defends the right of private companies to do anything for anyone, by Andrew Anglin

After Rand Paul came out this week effectively calling for a Derp Revolution, YouTube gave him a suspension for different comments he made earlier in the month about the masks.

Responding to the ban, Paul said:

As a libertarian-minded senator, I think private companies have the right to ban me if they want to, but I think it’s really anti-freedom of expression, anti-progress of science, which implies skepticism and argumentation to get to the truth. We realize this in our court systems that both parties present facts on both sides of a question and complete a contradictory process to arrive at the truth in each case.

However, YouTube and Google have grown into such a large entity that they believe they are the arbiters of the truth.

How can they be a private company and also a monopoly big enough to be the arbiter of truth?

How can a monopoly that contracts with the government and relies heavily on publicly funded infrastructure to operate be a “private company”?

What difference does it make? If your ideology requires you to lose on purpose, why wouldn’t you change your ideology?

Paul also said:

I will try to channel my anger, not by dividing these companies, but by publicly expressing my disagreement with them and publicly promoting other channels that offer freedom of expression alternatives.

What alternatives?

Haven’t heard of the Daily Stormer?

Any alternative exists only as long as registrars allow it to exist. Unless you think you’re going to survive on Tor, you’ll end up dealing with nations that are considered enemies of the United States just because they’re on the internet.

What’s more: I only saw these statements by Paul on RT from Russia. The western media doesn’t seem to have even bothered to notice what he said. So using the media as a medium is off the table as well, as Trump’s situation demonstrates (anyone who interviews him is banned from everything).

The only option left is to go outside and scream. Leaving aside the fact that you will not reach millions of people there, as you would on the Internet, you have established a law that states that Antifa can attack you for speaking in public, and if you defend yourself you will be federally prosecuted. Also, at this point, they can probably arrest you for violating the Virus Law.

There is no path to free speech outside of breaking the idiotic and nonsensical code of libertarian ideology.

Ideology is not philosophy and it is not important. It’s a boom tool to simplify things they find confusing, but the core of existence shouldn’t be avoiding confusion.

We are made in the image of God!

We have the capacity for rational thought!

We don’t need to reduce systems to their components like dogs or rodents!

Seriously though: what do masks and mask law have to do with YouTube, if it is somehow not a de facto government entity?

Why do Republicans consistently support their own disenfranchisement?

What’s going on?

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