• January 18, 2022

Governor Andrew Cuomo resigns from office due to pressure from Democrats over allegations by 11 women that he sexually harassed them. By contrast, Republicans think it is okay to vote for a president, protect a president, and lie for a president accused by 27 women of sexual assault and rape. The Republican Party has become the party of power grab and corruption. Republicans continue to ignore Trump’s pattern of abusing women, radicalizing hate groups to secure votes, planning a coup, and organizing an insurrection against our democracy. Trump is an erratic freak whose dangerous power exists only because of those who enable it.

Trump’s accusers should make a comeback

Governor Andrew Cuomo did the right thing by resigning from office. Although his apology was silenced by claims of “generational ignorance” and “no intention to inconvenience these women,” he said the words “I apologize” and did not call them liars. On the contrary, Donald Trump never apologized to any women and, in fact, demonized and shamed them to divert attention from their guilt. Democrats will abandon allegiance when laws or morals are violated. By supporting Trump, Republicans have shown that they will remain loyal to the party and abandon patriotism, morality, and the Constitution in their hunger for power and loyalty to Trump.

Several of Trump’s female victims have continued to seek justice in court. However, the ridiculous policy that presidents cannot be impeached while in office or the position that a president’s word always has more credibility than accusers or investigators is how Trump has been able to desecrate American democracy during four brutal years. In recent weeks, investigations into Trump’s behavior after he legitimately lost the 2020 presidential election have shown a pattern of behavior aimed at nullifying and stealing the very elections that he claims were stolen from him. The “Gaslighter-in-Chief” has failed in the “Art of Doing Business”, but has managed to perfect “The Art of Lying”. By declaring that everything he says is true, and any negative information about him is false, he has developed a cult narrative that needy and vulnerable people have bought into.

The control that Trump has over the fringe base and opportunistic Republicans in Congress has increased the radicalization of hate groups, the hypocrisy of religious groups, and the influence of the upper class and dark money on our politics. Andrew Cuomo committed sexual harassment of women. He abused the power of his office and behaved in ways that were self-indulgent, inappropriate, and potentially actionable, yet Donald Trump’s behaviors surpass Cuomo’s in scope and severity, and the inconsistent application of justice to men in power is unfair to women and must be corrected.

There is no doubt that the investigation into the January 6 insurrection will continue to reveal more intentional behaviors by Trump to reverse the election by pressuring states to manipulate people’s votes in his favor. It is documented on video that he encouraged his supporters to stop the certification of Biden’s election victory so that HE could steal the election. I know that many media outlets have suggested not to disparage Trump supporters, however, anyone who does not understand that what he did on January 6 is what dictators do, is stupid, naive, or an enemy of democracy.

Messy politicians don’t end well. Historically they have ended up hiding in ditches, committing suicide, going to jail or being beaten in the town square. Most Americans who suffer from Trump’s exhaustion know that Trump’s power is waning and wonder if his passing will be imprisonment for tax evasion, incitement to an insurrection, attempted election fraud, bank fraud, obstruction charges. justice or contribution to the death of thousands of Americans. lying about the lethality of COVID-19. Whatever takes away your freedom or your power of influence, let’s hope the wheels of justice pick up speed.

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