• August 13, 2021

Bremer should denounce Trump and join Cheney at the evildoers’ camp outside the Shrimpy GOP tent

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Republican defiant US Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) made me laugh Tuesday when told colorado politics“Republicans may be looking around saying, ‘Okay, we really want to win,’ instead of looking at the litmus, the test of purity that the assembly often is.”

Republicans look around and say, ‘Do we really want to win?’

I want to believe Bremer, because it would be good for everyone. But all I see are Republicans, far beyond the assembly, acting like they really want to lose.

If they they say they want to win, but then they dress up in multiple layers of ideological straitjackets (King Trump! Death to Obamacare! Biden was not elected! Abortion is murder! Family leave will kill the economy! And more! ) that make it impossible for them to win in Colorado.

If Bremer was right about the Republicans in Colorado really wanting to win, he would join Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney and object to Trump.

But he knows that if he did, he would join Cheney at the thugs’ camp, away from the Republican tent, which was already a shrimp.

But this could set him up to win in Colorado someday.

The Republican Party’s continued love for Trump, and Trump’s love for the spotlight, spells the deaths of state candidates like Bremer in next year’s CO election.

But Colorado Republicans don’t want to change course.

That’s the confusing part. You’d think they’d want to win at something they spend so much time and money on. Why waste your precious time on Earth?

Bremer was a competitive athlete, which might explain why he projects his desire to win on his fellow Republicans.

It could also explain his optimism that Trump will not be a factor in next year’s election. A true competitor sees a path to victory, even if it is a fantasy.

“In 2020, the election was on (then-President Donald) Trump,” Bremer said. told Colorado Politics on Tuesday. “This election will not be about Trump. This election will be a referendum on how Democrats are handling one-party control, from defunding the police to school masks to problems we don’t even know about yet.

Ironically, you’d have to believe conspiracies, as many Colorado Republicans do, or miracles to think that the election won’t be enough on Trump, even if it’s not just about him, to force enough unaffiliated Trump-hating voters to lean left, to vote Democrats. Trump was a big reason why supported Democrat Jared Polis in 2018 about Stapleton 59% to 25%. That’s a 34% margin of victory for Polis, in case your head is in the sand and you don’t want to do the math. And things have gotten worse for Republicans since then.

But Republicans in Colorado show no signs, no flashes, of looking around and wanting to win the election, as Bremer put it.

The highest profile Republican in Colorado is US Representative Lauren Boebert, and she is the antithesis of what our unaffiliated voters look for in a politician.

But do you see a Republican candidate from Colorado calling her? On the contrary, Top Republicans (including Bremer) are flocking to support her and other extremists.

Do you see any of them saying that Biden won the election? Barely. Colorado Republican Party leaders cling to the Big Lie.

In recent months, Bremer himself hosted two fundraising parties for pro-Trump members of Congress, congressman from Florida Kat Cammack in May and then the US Rep. August Pfluger (R-Texas) in June. Both have connections to Colorado, but both also refused to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

A serious faction of Colorado Republicans even wants to ban unaffiliated Coloradans from voting in the Republican primaries. What a great way to woo undecided voters!

Colorado Republican Leader Kristi Burton Brown also demonstrated a pro-Trump grassroots focus by appointing a member of a voter fraud conspiracy group to head the “Election Integrity Operations Action Committee” of the Colorado Republican Party.

Again, this is what Bremer thinks.

“Republicans may be looking around saying, ‘Okay, we really want to win,’ instead of looking at the litmus, the test of purity that the assembly often is.”

If only.

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