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  • August 13, 2021

Laura Ingraham and Jon Taffer suggest treating workers like hungry dogs

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham and “Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer are unhappy that millions of Americans are using pandemic unemployment checks to avoid taking low-paying jobs out of desperation.

On Thursday night, the two criticized people who are using those checks as leverage to get better jobs and better wages.

In the process of complaining about the possibility of … ouch! – pay living wages to workers whose real wages have been stagnant for decadesIngraham suggested cruelly, “What if we just cut unemployment? “before pointing out:” Hunger is a very powerful thing. “

Taffer was willing to cut off cash flow to his fellow citizens, although he personally had no trouble accepting two PPP loans totaling $ 60,858 from the Small Business Association, according to

He supported Ingraham’s suggestion comparing American workers to military dogs.

“They only feed a military dog ​​at night, because a hungry dog ​​is an obedient dog. Well, if we’re not making people hungry for work … ”he trailed off.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter’s reactions to the duo’s crude comments were swift and furious.

Some wondered about the possible consequences.

Others found it remarkable that they were willing to say the quiet part out loud.

One person kept thinking about dogs.

Another pointed to the hypocrisy of accepting handouts from the government and then criticizing others who do the same.


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