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  • August 13, 2021

Nostalgia for the development of The Big Con with a 90s theme


  • A look back at the decisions that were made The big scam, a strange and wonderful nostalgia trip from the 90s of a game, happen.
  • He answers questions like how the adventure games of the decade influenced him and what Rockapella is doing there.
  • The big scam Available for Pre-Order Today in the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and will be available to play on August 31.

I am writing this moments after we found out that The big scam has passed the certification to be on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S (where can you book it right now!). It makes me feel a little nostalgic for the last three and a half years of working on the game, so join me on this journey of how we got here, right? (Insert “Wayne’s World” doodledy-doo screen effect here). Excellent.

All we knew when we started was that The big scam it was going to be a game about a scammer. Pushing people, talking to people, and ultimately taking advantage of the gameplay from the adventure games of my youth. Day of the Tentacle, Zac McCraken, and of course, Monkey Island. Games that dealt with puzzles and conversation and, most importantly, games that made me laugh.. Even if it’s fun being a scammer pushing people, I was hoping the game would make people feel like they were smart scammers, and that they’d have a little laugh along the way.

Many games about criminals are set in the 80s, 60s or Los Santos (ahem), but we knew it from the beginning. The big scam It belonged to the early mid-1990s. It’s a weird and liminal time for the world: The internet hadn’t fully taken hold and hardly anyone had a cell phone (and the ones that did were real freaks).

Imagine it. If, hypothetically, a teenage scammer walks up to you and says they want to sell you a weird Burblo, you couldn’t text a friend or quickly Google to see if it’s on the level. You just had to give the girl your money and hope she got enough to save her video store, right? Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

We knew the game belonged to the 90s. We could bring beautiful bright colors, vibrant backgrounds, and thick lines, and pay homage to the cartoons and comics we grew up with, like “Doug” or “Ghost World.” We could use words like rad.

But we wonder, who is this mysterious scammer?

The big scam

In the 1990s, the fastest growing cultural phenomenon was video rental stores. There were a few family stores, but the big chains were fast becoming the only VHS rental game in town. It seemed like a great premise: a world-ending event for a small-town teenager.

Thus was born Ali, a prankster and backward-clad young woman who is capable of solving any problem with a quick wit (or a cunning hand). With Ali came her mother Linda, an aggressive but caring small-town video store owner who just wants her daughter to be a famous trombonist one day. Then came the gangsters who threaten to take it all away from him, and then the enigmatic con man Ted who shows him how to steal the money he needs …

And who knew, Ali was pretty funny.

The big scam

That kind of biting sarcasm, not rude, suited Ali perfectly, and bringing Erika Ishii to voice him seemed like a perfect match too; someone who has a positive attitude in everything she does and can really bring the warmth when you need it.

And then there is Rad Ghost. Oh sorry, didn’t I mention there is a character named Rad Ghost?

Ali’s imaginary friend / voice in her head / ghost of a former MTV-VJ is with her throughout her journey as someone who gives her clues, supports her, and reminds her that the power is within her (because, again , he’s totally a hallucination rad). When you were describing this, were you imagining Dave Fennoy’s voice? Because we’ve been building this game for three years and let me tell you, I was thinking about Dave Fennoy the whole time. Well, we put it on board. (I’m trying to sound cool, but I’m going crazy.) Not big.

The big scam

So we had some of the best voice actors in the business, an art style that makes people smile, and a trip across the country to save a small-town video store. We got to see how people played and beat the levels in different ways, choosing who and how they wanted to rip off, and laughing through it. We were able to make amazing music, and that was before we hired Rockapella to do a music video … and then we got the news that we did it through cert, and that the game is coming out for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Yes this month.

You should be up to date now. I know, it’s a lot. It’s a lot of feelings when you watch them all in a big bang like this. Three years working on a comedy adventure game set in the 1990s has taught me that there is only one word for this sentiment.

The word is great, folks.

It feels great.

Xbox Live

The big scam

Skybound games

$ 14.99

Blast your way across America in the 90s as a teenage con man on a crime-filled road trip adventure. Play as Ali, a curious and sarcastic high school student who leaves the gang’s camp for a cross-country road trip. But this is not a ride! Ali has a very important mission to save her family’s video store from evil loan sharks who are trying to close her store. Scamming strangers, pickpockets and scammers in crazy ’90s America. And, needless to say, lie to your mom about everything. Choose who deserves to be scammed and who might need a helping hand. The world is your oyster (and hey, pearls are worth a lot!). One scam doesn’t fool all scammers your way! Wear costumes, sneak around, listen in on conversations, and learn how to tackle each brand. Maybe you think you can make enough cheddar cheese with just pickpockets. Or look for more complex issues that involve breaking in and entering, talking smoothly, and more. It’s up to you to outwit everyone and block everything that comes between you and save your mom’s video store. Comedy about coming of age If there is a surefire way to discover yourself, it is to go on an adventure. Luckily for you, you have the help of a skilled con artist who will teach you the elusive art of charm. But a life of crime is no laughing matter! No, unless you turn on the laugh track and turn it into a criminally funny comedy. Prepare to fight your way into business, hearts, and trouble. And don’t forget to call home every now and then to talk to your mom. Sure, you could argue with her sometimes (most of the time?), But you’re a teenager, that’s your job! The Weird and Wack 1990, the way you remember them Whether you were a 90s kid or not, this game is full of nostalgia. It offers you the perfect opportunity to relive your own awkward high school years, or if you sadly missed the 90s, finally experience all the classic teen movies that feel so old and outdated. Plaid, pay phones, VHS tapes and shopping malls – THE BIG CON has all the outrageous fashions you remember (and some you want to forget) from the 1990s. But most importantly, you can ride the Hormipillar as much as you want!

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