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  • August 13, 2021

Vapers were told to go to the doctor before the new import rules

The drug regulator is urging e-cigarette users to make an appointment with a doctor before new laws go into effect that prohibit the importation of nicotine vaping products from abroad without a prescription.

The laws will mean that vapers must organize so that a copy of their prescription is included in any package shipped to them. The Border Force will be able to stop imports and destroy products if they don’t see a valid script, according to the Therapeutic Products Administration (TGA).

The TGA says that nicotine e-cigarettes will be legal through prescriptions starting October 1.Credit:Eddie jim

Australians also need a prescription to buy nicotine vaping products and liquids from Australian pharmacies.

“Purchasing nicotine vaping products from other Australian sources is no longer permitted and will remain illegal,” the TGA said in guidance documents released Thursday.

“These changes balance the need to prevent adolescents and young adults from using nicotine vaping (and potentially smoking), while allowing current smokers to easily access these smoking cessation products with appropriate medical advice.”

The revision of the regulations also includes a new set of requirements for companies, and companies that import nicotine vaping products must follow strict safety guidelines.

There are fines of up to $ 11 million on the cards if a business imports products that include prohibited flavor ingredients, which have been shown to have negative health impacts.

These include cinnamaldehyde, which is used to create a cinnamon flavor, and acetonin, which is used to create a creamy taste, but has been associated with serious lung damage.

Patients who wish to use nicotine e-cigarette products should contact their doctor, who can provide a three-month prescription to purchase products abroad through the personal import scheme.

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