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  • August 13, 2021

WaPo’s Dana Milbank Goes Wild With TDS, Blames Trump For Tlaib’s Anti-Semitism

My last in PJ Media:

That brave titan of contemporary journalism, Dana Milbank, has an explosive scoop on Monday Washington Post: She has discovered that Rashida Tlaib, far from being the Squad tizona and deranged far-left that everyone thinks she is, is actually a MAGA Southern peasant who supports Trump and has absorbed anti-Semitism from the source and the summit. of hatred of Jews. Mr. Donald J. Trump. Yes, it sounds fantastic, and it is, but in the world of Dana Milbank, there is simply no difference between “evil” and “Trump”; If there is anything wrong with the world, it must be the Bad Orange Man’s fault. What possible alternative explanation could there be?

In an op-ed (of course these are all op-ed in the Post nowadays) titled “Rashida Tlaib’s Intolerance Stems From MAGA Manual, Which Really Should Be Equipped With A Laughter Track,” Milbank states: “ It’s a classic Trump move: blame a minority group for a sinister conspiracy, then deny responsibility when your supporters act on your baseless claim. Lather, rinse and repeat. “

Milbank is as shocked as everyone else at who is using this manual – he is one of the most prominent victims of the Satanic Trump! “Few,” he claims, and the laughter track should increase in volume here, “have been victims of Donald Trump’s hate tactics more than Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Who with other members of ‘The Squad’ were told by Trump to ‘go back and help repair the totally destroyed and crime infested places from which they came.’ So why is Tlaib now using the Trump handbook against others? “

Milbank notes that “acts of anti-Semitism increased dramatically during the Trump presidency, peaking in 2019 and barely falling in 2020,” without, of course, providing the slightest evidence that this increase was due to anything said or done by the majority. pro-Israel president since the founding of the modern state of Israel. “In May 2021,” Milbank continues, not bothering to point to the fact that by then Biden’s handlers had impersonated Trump in the Oval Office, “during the fighting between Israel and Hamas (and anti-Israel protests by protesters from left in the United States). United States), anti-Jewish violence and harassment increased to more than double the level of the previous year “.

As long as we blame, which president is most likely to incite anti-Semitism? One who defended and strongly aided Israel’s right to defend itself from genocidal jihadist enemies, or one who has set Did large numbers of Israel’s fierce opponents at all levels of its administration instigate the spread of Palestinian jihad propaganda by demonizing Israel, and even praising an outspoken anti-Semite and vowing to defend his family from alleged Israeli aggression? The claim that Trump was anti-Semitic was one of the left’s biggest big lies for the past four years.

There is more. Read the rest here.

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