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  • August 14, 2021

DHS list of terror ‘threats’ should raise all kinds of eyebrows – RedState

Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security just issued a terror threat advisory that is raising some eyebrows.

Listen, as Lester Holt and Pete Williams describe how the “terrorist threat advisory” is not based on actual threats or plots, but only on a lot of “anti-government rhetoric” that includes things like “opposition to COVID measures” such as More expensive. and vaccination measures.

From Yahoo News:

“Extremists may seek to exploit the emergence of Covid-19 variants by viewing the possible reinstatement of public health restrictions in the United States as a rationale for carrying out attacks,” the DHS advisory said, adding that ” stressors related to the pandemic … may contribute to more violence this year. “

So if there are no actual conspiracies or threats, what they are really doing is demonizing free speech, as Tim Young observes, or criticizing government action. That is a dangerous route to travel. It also suggests that DHS is keeping an eye on people to some degree on this issue, another troubling thought, and definitely a slippery slope to go down.

They also continue to demonize Trump supporters again, including them in the ad that is not based on actual threats, with “claims of voter fraud, belief that Trump can be reinstated.”

Whether you agree or disagree with those thoughts about Trump or about COVID, you are allowed those thoughts in our supposedly free society under our Constitution. Are they really classifying being critical of the government now as a terrorist threat? Is dissent now terrorism?

warning in this CNN shot that it is not criminal actions but “false narratives” that are mentioned as “dangerous”.

The newsletter is part of a concerted effort by DHS to address the issues that led up to Jan. 6 and the beginning of a department effort to educate the public on how these false narratives and conspiracy theories “are not only confusing but dangerous.” according to a family source.

You are not allowed to have such thoughts.

Then the NBC article notes that there are concerns about the 9/11 anniversary and “religious holidays”, without defining what “religious holidays” we are talking about here. What you’re seeing here, without NBC saying it, I think, is radical Islamic terrorism. That’s what the Yahoo News article about the notice suggests.

But NBC just didn’t want to put that on the chart. So, it leaves you wondering: are religious holidays now considered a threat too?

In the meantime, do you realize what’s missing from that list? Real terrorism from Antifa, with real attacks on the police and federal and other government buildings.

But hey, at least Joe Biden loves his vacation and his ice cream, right? Everyone praises the leader!


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