• August 15, 2021

Even Senator Lindsey Graham, a total Trump ass kisser told Newsweek, “Trump is writing his political obituary with the deception of the ‘big lie.’ Then there’s Rep. Kevin McCarthy. The weakling! President Nancy Pelosi is correct in pointing out how he is “sitting on her hands” while the crazy liars Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Matt Gaetz become the voice of their group. He is also an accomplice in the attack on our democracy by not denouncing all members of the House who are spreading lies about electoral fraud. His silence should disqualify him from being the leader of the minority.

On January 13, on the floor of the House, McCarthy said, “the president is responsible for the attack on the Capitol.” He was joined by Senator Mitch McConnell, who said: “Trump is” physically and morally responsible for the attack on the Capitol. “When challenged by the media, the wimpy opportunist Mc Connell dodges the issue to protect his image from siding with the theorists of the conspiracy crazy and at the same time creates the narrative that he is with Trump to the end.Anything for power is the anthem of Moscow Mitch, even if it degrades democracy.

There is no escape for McCarthy: he falls with Trump

McCarthy is deeper. level of bootlickers than even Senators Graham and Mc Connell. He refuses to use the power of his position as minority leader in the House of Representatives to silence, sanction or oppose members of his group who continue to lie about voter fraud and proclaim that Trump is still the legitimate President of the States. United. It makes one shudder to hear McCarthy’s lies and see his face frozen, guilty and embarrassed when addressing the media. He speaks to an audience of 1, an autocratic worldwide joke from a twice-accused, one-term former president.

After accusing Trump of guilt in the insurrection, he became spooked by the attacks of the defeated bully former president and withdrew his opening statement. His response to changing his mind was: “I made that statement without the information we have today.” There are a lot of wrong and dishonest things in that statement, which Trump probably wrote. The information is a made-up narrative that blames Nancy Pe! Osi for the security breach on January 6. Pelosi is not the head of security for the Capitol. The video of Trump inciting the mob and ordering them to go to the Capitol is indisputable. Videos of Trump’s mob beating up police officers and storming the Capitol, uninvited, are not indisputable. The arrests and ongoing prosecutions are carried out by federal judges on both sides. The deaths of five people marked by their funerals and their devastated families is indisputable.

Before McCarthy ran to Mara-a-Lago to cower at the former president’s feet, they had a controversial phone call on January 6, where McCarthy asked Trump to take action to stop the attack on Capitol Hill and Trump said: “ Well Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the elections than you are. ” In response, Rep. Jaime-Herrera Beutler heard McCarthy say, “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?” Witnesses reported that McCarthy was shaken during the call. Seven months later, McCarthy can’t help but stand up for Trump and the treacherous fringe wing of his group. Is he a coward, a traitor to his oath, or both?

McCarthy recently commented that if he became Speaker of the House of Representatives, it would be hard not to hit Nancy Pelosi with the mallet. Why doesn’t the wimp tell Trump that he LOST the election, that he was defeated, ousted, his watch cleaned, massacred, and beaten out? It shows a McCarthy spine, before suffering the same fate.

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