• August 15, 2021

The final failure in Afghanistan is owned by Biden

David sanger: “Mr. Biden will go down in history, rightly or wrongly, as the president who presided over a protracted and humiliating final act in the American experiment in Afghanistan. After seven months in which his administration seemed to radiate much-needed competence: vaccinating More than 70 percent of the nation’s adults, driving up jobs and moving toward a bipartisan infrastructure bill, everything about America’s last days in Afghanistan shattered the images. “

“Even many of Mr. Biden’s allies who believe that he made the right decision to finally emerge from a war that the United States could not win and that was no longer in his national interest admit that he made a number of major mistakes in executing the withdrawal. . The only question is how politically damaging they will be, or whether the Americans who cheered at 2020 campaign rallies when both President Donald Trump and Mr. Biden promised to get out of Afghanistan will shrug their shoulders and say it had to end, even if it ended badly. “

Wall street journal: Biden stands firm on troop withdrawal despite criticism.

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