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  • August 16, 2021

FOX News idiot Chris Wallace tries to blame Trump for Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

In March 2009 Barack Obama approached the Taliban terrorist organization for peace talks.

Joe Biden at the time told reporters that “only 5% of the Taliban are incorrigible.”

In August 2010 Barack Obama removed the Taliban from the national terror list.

In May 2012 Barack Obama rewarded the Taliban terrorists with his own office in Qatar for the peace talks.

Also in May 2012 the Taliban bombed Kabul two hours after Obama announced peace talks with the terrorist group.

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In 2012 the Obama administration even paid for the Taliban peace office in Qatar.

In 2013 Barack Obama secretly released five deadly Taliban prisoners from Gitmo in exchange for peace talks.

In 2014 the Taliban officially issued a declaration on victory in Afghanistan 6 years after the Obama presidency.

On Sunday, FOX News anchor Chris Wallace blamed the Trump Administration for the situation in Afghanistan.

This is after years of Obama and Biden appeasing the Taliban, releasing their top operatives from prison and building them an office for peace talks in Qatar.

Mediaite reported:

Fox News’ Chris Wallace pressed the former secretary of state Mike pompeo on how much responsibility for the situation falls on the old Trump administration …

… When asked what he thinks about Biden blaming him and Trump for the chaos, Pompeo responded to the president’s “pathetic blame shift” and argued that the Taliban insurgency did not happen while Trump was still in office. can.

“Every president faces challenges,” he said. “This president faced a challenge in Afghanistan, he has failed to protect the American people from this challenge.”

Wallace kept up the pressure, noting that Pompeo struck a deal with the Taliban last year to pull US forces out of Afghanistan in May. Wallace also shot footage of Trump complaining about the “ridiculous” continued US presence in the region.

This really is something to behold.

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