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  • August 16, 2021

Go ahead and ignore the Republicans on Afghanistan

President Biden spoke this afternoon from the White House on the situation in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US forces from that country and the subsequent takeover by the Taliban forces. What The Washington Post reports:

Speaking at the White House on Monday afternoon, President Biden acknowledged that the collapse of Afghanistan’s government and security forces came faster than expected, but maintained that withdrawing US troops from the country was the right decision.

“The truth is that this developed more quickly than we had anticipated,” Biden said. “So what happened? Afghanistan’s political leaders surrendered and fled the country. The Afghan army collapsed, some … without trying to fight. If anything, the events of the past week reinforced that ending US military involvement in Afghanistan was now the right decision. “

He added: “American troops cannot and should not fight a war and die in a war that Afghan forces are unwilling to fight on their own.”

Meanwhile, both across the country and here in Colorado, Republicans brag about the perceived failures of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. He’s the kind of backseat driving / Monday morning quarterback that Republicans have long favored over offering any kind of proper political proposal.

Previous President Trump it is accusing Biden of having “surrendered” to the Taliban – and even, absurdly, asking Biden to step down as president – while insisting that he would have handled the withdrawal of military forces differently. Never mind that it was the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION that negotiated the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. in December 2020.

In fact, here was Trump in July 2021 (yes, LAST month):

No one would say that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is going well, but the rapid takeover of the Taliban in the region is likely to occur. whenever The United States eventually left Afghanistan. What The Washington Post He explains, the complete failure of the Afghan security forces to offer any real resistance to the Taliban was not much of a surprise.

Yet in their zeal to blame Biden for all the negative effects of the pullout, Republicans are once again completely ignoring their own history. For example, here is Rep. Lauren “Q * Bert” Boebert (Rifle):

In that last Tweet, Boebert quotes the right-wing talking head Jack Posobiec, who Reddit users already debunked over the weekend.

Appearing on Fox News over the weekend, Boebert’s colleague in Colorado, Congressman Ken buck (R-Greeley), haughtily condemned the Biden administration for the withdrawal from Afghanistan:

We are a strong country with a weak president …

… President Biden was deceiving the American people and putting Americans at risk, and foreigners at risk, inside Afghanistan with just a reckless plan.

This is interesting, considering that only a few months ago Buck called for a total withdrawal from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021.. This is what he wrote in a letter signed jointly by Rep. Barbara lee in March of this year:

“We support your administration’s commitment to promoting a negotiated end to this war, and we believe that meeting the May 1 deadline is vital to this effort … But it is time for the United States to end its military role. in a complex conflict that predates our initial invasion two decades ago. “

Congressman Buck has long been a supporter of taking all parties on every issue, so his flippant talk on Afghanistan comes as no great surprise. All of this is illustrative (again) that Republican politicians largely have absolutely nothing useful to add to the problem.

Republicans are going to say something today that is completely different from what they said yesterday, and if the situation changes tomorrow … then they will say something else. It is as predictable as it is useless.

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