• August 16, 2021

New patch for Ender Lilies includes boss rush and new game modes plus

Earlier today, developers Adglobe and Live Wire released patch 1.1.0 for their well-received indie game. Ender’s Lilies: Quietus of the Knights. Like most other patches, it rebalances various game mechanics, particularly abilities and relics, and removes some bugs that break the dive. But patch 1.1.0 also brings quite a few substantial updates to the game, mostly consisting of new modes for fans to sink their teeth into. Of all the patch additions, the new boss rush mode and new game plus feature are likely to stand out the most for fans as they promise to revolutionize the base. Lilies of ender experience.

According to patch notes, the boss rush mode, called Maligned Memories, will be available after the player defeats and purifies all bosses in the game. The difficulty of this mode will change depending on the chapter the player is in. Also, the difficulty decides which materials the player will earn after finishing Maligned Memories. The mode will also save the player’s completion time, a feature that is sure to appeal to speed racers. Those interested in playing Maligned Memories can do so at any rest point.

As for the new game mode plus, it allows players to transfer their “status, actions, skills, relics and tips”, as you would expect. To keep up with the player, enemies in this mode will have higher stats than in the final chapter of the story. More interesting still, the mode will also alter the behavior of enemies and bosses, which will likely make them much more challenging.

Anything else in the patch?

In addition to these modes, patch 1.1.0 adds several other features, including a new relic and another mode. This mode, called Purified Memories, pits players against a special Purified Boss and has similar rules to Boss mode. The patch also adds the Blightborn Modes feature, which allows players to modify game parameters and set up unique challenge races for themselves.

This new patch appears to extend the longevity of Lilies of ender by far, and seasoned gamers will likely enjoy pushing themselves with the new boss race and new plus game modes.

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