• August 16, 2021

Tetragon Fairy Tale Puzzle Game Now Available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Hello everyone!

We are the Cafundo Studio team and today we are going to tell you Tetragon puzzle. We have managed to combine a fascinating and moving story with a seemingly classic Rubik’s Cube puzzle game. The mechanics of the game is that we are allowed to rotate the world from left to right and move the tiles so that our protagonist can go from point A to point B.

It sounds simple, but thanks to the elaborate design of the levels, we have created not only a beautiful environment, but also ingenious logical traps. From time to time, the player will come across tiles, ledges, levers and panels that allow them to perform actions that are not necessary to create the optimal route.

What normally happens in puzzle games? You see the goal and within the first two or three minutes, you have an action plan in your head. Also, if in the initial levels you act in a similar scheme, and the chances of making a mistake are minimal. From the middle of the passage, you will have to rotate the measurements from one side to the other in search of the correct solution.

And some attempts will be fatal for you. Careless actions can lead to the fact that the character will fall from a great height, get stuck far from the panels without the possibility of turning the map, fall on a burning platform or sharp spikes … We did everything possible to make the player think that his actions are advanced a few movements.

And we, as developers, face a global challenge: make the process of thinking through motions not boring. To do this, we focus on three main pillars: the visual component, the music and the story.

In terms of visuals, we had to rotate each level hundreds of times, constantly refining it to make it look interesting from all sides. It is a bit like drawing a portrait. Having drawn the profile and made a mirror reflection, all imperfections are immediately visible. Here the eye is not straight, here the nose is crooked … it is the same with the levels in Tetragon. Hundreds of hours were spent so that when you look at the world from any angle, the voids do not appear in front of the player’s eyes, and the plants and images upside down do not look silly.


Our goal was to make even the world upside down look beautiful and interesting to look at.

And so that it wasn’t static and too flat (oddly enough for Tetragon’s flat world), we filled it with different events. For example, in the castle we will meet a charming thief, who from time to time will observe us from the images and will remove his armor in search of something to eat.

These micro-events have another purpose: to distract the player. So at the most crucial moment of thinking about the plan, you will have the thought in your head, “Ha! What a cute character, what is he doing? “And that’s it! Your ingenious plan to level up failed.


Of course, we are not that evil, so the main goal is to entertain the player and make the world more lively.

We also had to sweat from the musical component. The main problem with background music, which can be encountered by both the developer and the player, is the annoyance. You should never get into a situation where the music starts to distract you, much less annoy you. We try to make all the songs pleasant and melodic, so that they sound somewhere in the subcortex of the brain, but at the same time create the right atmosphere of mystery and, in some places, danger.

And the music was so successful and enjoyable that it can be used to relax outside of the game. The guys on the team at some point realized that it is even comfortable to read to him!


Finally, one of the most important components is the plot.

The story of our hero Lucius begins when his son disappears. The woodcutter goes to look for him in a mysterious portal and finds himself in the Tetragon dimension. It would seem that we could end there, giving the player a backstory and an overall goal. But that would have been boring! After all, we have a whole new world in front of us! So we decided to reveal his story as much as possible, and give the player some interesting plot twists… but no spoilers.

As the game progresses, we will meet different characters, such as the thief mentioned above. From them we will know the history of Tetragon and at some point we will realize what really happened here.


Without going into too much detail, Tetragon It is the sacred crystal at the center of this world. It was from her that the dimensional layers received the energy that made everything around them bloom. But the world cannot last forever, such are the laws of gender. At some point, a mysterious energy appears, bringing a dark entity to life. The sole purpose of this entity is to destroy the crystal and wreak havoc on the world.

Tetragon, in turn, he also possesses an essence that he understood that it would be difficult to face the enemy. He managed to sharpen the darkness at the expense of the crystal itself, the pieces of which were scattered throughout the corners of this layered world.


Lucius the Ranger finds himself in a flat dimension right after the destruction of the crystal. Now he has to find his son, find out what really happened, and try to restore this world. You’ll make it? It depends on the player …

We have tried to combine all these pillars so that they feel as one. The world itself and the events in it are reflected in the environment. For example, each successive level of the dimensional bulb is visible against the background of the current location, creating a sense of immersion in the center. Perhaps this is what influenced the fact that during the competitions at various exhibitions, the guests spent much more time in Tetragon than in neighboring games. Breaking the combination of riddles that seem simple at first glance and colorful fairy tale style is really difficult.

The game is out now, so we look forward to seeing your first reviews!

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$ 14.99

$ 11.99

Welcome to Tetragon, a vast and mysterious universe of unique game mechanics, puzzles, magical mazes, and challenges! It is a real challenge for those who enjoy games in the vein of The Room, The Witness and The Talos Principle. Your goal is to move planes with a rotating world gravity. Using the power of TetraGen, move the ground and the towers to guide the brave woodcutter Lucios through the scattered worlds and find his lost son! About Tetragon: Somewhere in the parallel universe there is a world made of flat realities. These planes float around the sacred jewel: TetraGen. Since the dawn of time, it had been a prosperous world with no place for anything wrong in it … until out of nowhere a mysterious dark energy began to grow in Tetragon. After a while, he had spawned the strangest creature with the intention of destroying the TetraGen and plunging the world of Tetragon into chaos. Finally, this creature had reached its goal and the TetraGen gem was smashed into pieces. Just using all its powers, the Will of Tetragon managed to imprison the dark creature, but it was too late. Now someone brave has to fix this broken world by recovering the pieces of TetraGen … Now it is up to you to solve the puzzles and little by little reach the final goal of your journey. With the power of TetraGen you can change the position of planes and towers, create platforms and ladders, and even rotate the world on its axis!

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