• August 17, 2021

As Kabul falls, Joe Biden poses for a photo shoot

My last in PJ Media:

As US-backed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and Taliban leaders posed for photos inside the presidential palace in Kabul, old Joe Biden’s handlers posted a photo on your own. The White House Twitter account posted a photo of Old Joe sitting alone at a huge conference table at Camp David, with the legend: “This morning, the President and Vice President met with their national security team and senior officials to hear updates on the withdrawal of our civilian personnel in Afghanistan, the evacuations of SIV applicants and other Afghan allies, and the security situation. ongoing in Kabul. “

Joe was perched pensively looking at a huge screen on the wall, where several participants in a Zoom meeting could be seen: the Vice President-fiancé, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, various officials from the CIA, DNI, and other agencies, as well. from – significantly – “Doha Station”. Biden has been receiving harsh criticism for being absent while Afghanistan fell faster than anyone in his administration expected, and the photo was apparently issued to mislead the Rubes into thinking that the great statesman was really working hard, always vigilant to preserve. , to protect. and defend the United States of America and its citizens.

However, the White House photo and caption inadvertently only highlighted the fact that the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been handled catastrophically. As the Taliban held a press conference from the presidential palace in Kabul, just five weeks after Old Joe denied that “a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan” was “now inevitable” and insisted that it was “not true” that the Afghan government would “likely collapse,” the White House spoke softly about Biden and Harris upon hearing “updates on the reduction of our civilian personnel in Afghanistan. “

It is not a “draw”, it is a defeat, and everyone knows it; all, that is, with the possible exception of Old Joe, sitting alone at his huge conference table, pretending to be informed about this disaster and at the same time pretending that it is not a disaster.

The photo also highlighted how useless Biden really is. It was supposed to show how he’s still in charge of the situation even while he’s “on vacation” at Camp David, but the fact that that’s all we’ve seen of him as the Taliban swiftly invaded all of Afghanistan that wasn’t already under their control. control. The check only highlights the fact that where Biden is and what he’s doing doesn’t really matter that much in terms of the direction of US foreign (or domestic) policy. The people who run this administration continue to run it whether you’re in Washington, Wilmington, or Camp David. They take him to a press conference where he only takes carefully written questions, or poses for a photoshoot every now and then, but it’s all just for appearances.

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